New build with a budget - input plz


I have a LIMITED budget here. I plan on using alot of my old parts.

Here's what I do need though:
Video Card
Power Supply

I do NOT plan on SLI or overclocking. I also don't plan on running the maximum resolutions. I just want high frame-rates on medium settings.

Here's what I'm thinking about getting:
Intel Q6600 $280
eVGA 650i Ultra motherboard $80 (after mib)
Transcend's AxeRam 2GB PC2 6400 (2x1GB) $75
eVGA 8800GTS 320mb Superclocked $280 (after mib)
CoolMax 500w EPS12V PSU ($40 after mib)

TOTAL: $675 (after mib)

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  1. looks very well , however i dont know that PSU brand , also for RAM go for this instead , it has the same price and its better :

    MUSHKIN 2GB DDR2 800 5-5-5-18
  2. Yeah, I woudn't go for trandcend, if i were you.
    There is better brands of memories on the market : crucial, patriot, mushkin, kingston, and corsair.
    For PSU....I don't know that one (coolmax) so I don't know how to give a comment. But 500W should be enough (without OC)
  3. I'd get an FSP PSU besides that CoolMax those aren't very good.
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