Ripping music in safe mode

I'm not tech savvy.
I need to rip some music via CD on to my laptop which can only be booted in safe mode.
It says that the path file may not exist, which I've triple checked.
Or that the computer where the file is stored is offline.
When I click More Information it gives some junk about activating network protocols, which I have.

I'm fairy certain the problem is that the computer is offline.. How can I fix that?

Love and Gratitude,
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  1. Sounds like it's not trying to rip from the right source location.
  2. I don't know what that means.. can I fix it?
  3. Which software are you using?

    Normally, you just need to go to the file menu, and browse to your CD/DVD drive. Once it loads the CD, you can rip it.
  4. The CD is already loaded, with track names and all.
    It reads the CD, and I can play it, though no sounds.. it just won't rip
  5. I don't mean load anything onto the CD. I mean, you need to have your software program look at your CD.

    If you're using windows media player, it'll look similar to this
  6. yeah thats what I have, it's reading the CD alright.
  7. Error ID = 0xC00D1197, Condition ID = 0x00000000
  8. if that helps..?
  9. I don't know if I want to do this yet, It's for trying to play an audio CD, which I can do, but it won't copy it onto my hard drive..

    Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline.

    Can it be this?
  10. It's not a problem of being on the internet. The CD is local on your computer. The only thing WMP uses the internet for, is to display artwork and descriptions.

    Try this, go to the file menu-->copy-->copy from CD.
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