ATI x1950 Pro Shuts Off during stress. Help Please !


I'm running with the following configuration:

Abit IP35E Motherboard.
Intel Core2 E6600 @ 3GHZ (did not up vcore, stable)
Crucial Ballistix 800mhz RAM
Dual DVD drives
Dual HD drives
1 ATI TV Tuner PCI
1 ATI x1950 Pro 256mb PCIE
Antec Sonata II casing with 450W power supply.

With this card, I am able to use it fine for windows and just about any browsing. However, if I run anything graphical intense, the card starts to heat and then the display turns off. The card idles at 46C (Celsius) I used ATITool and scaned for Artifacts and after about a minute or so the card would hit 67C and shut off.
It seems like 67C is the temperature that it will shut off everytime
VPU currently at 574MHz
Graphics memory at 682MHz

I tried the following:
1. Cleaned out the card with compressed air
2. Installed latest drivers (catalyst 7.9 from ATI)
3. Installed latest directx, sound drivers, and drivers for the motherboard.

What am I doing wrong? Is there anything else I can do or is the card broken?
Any help is very much appreciated!
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  1. Its your PSU
    Some other person on the forums has the exact same PSU and the Same Casing and has the exact problems!
    but he has the new HD2900Pro
    The PSU u got is a 450W Antec SmartPower 2.0
    22A on its 12V rail
    Which is sufficent for the card BUT your CPU is OC'ed Massively so Power is a struggle for the PSU

    U can try Clock your cpu back to stock and see if it still does crash
    Summary: GET A NEW PSU! With Good Branding And Ampage on its 12+ Volt Rails.. 30 at least..

    Your card is Fine i just had that problem too! except it crashes the entire comp and freeze...
    Figured out my 6pin pci-e plug wasnt secured properly... Im an Idiot!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. I actually did some digging and it is NOT the PSU.
    The problem is the VRM chip overheating and not being cooled properly.
    It seems that many people have had this problem and it is because of ATI's shady hardware.

    Here's an archived thread:
  3. FYI for those who read this thread.
    A fix for the problem is:

    It's a VRM heat issue and it is a design problem. I'm not sure how it will be fixed by ATI. The fix is only for minor things. The VRM may still overheat and die on high stress.
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