E6420 overclock question.

I've got a modest overclock for my core2duo 6420. Its currently at 2.75GHZ with a bus speed of 344Mhz. My ram is PC6400 and its rated up to 800Mhz. Since the ram:clock ratio is 1:1 its at 688 Mhz.

I was wondering if dropping the multiplier on the CPU to 7 and upping the bus speed to 400 MHZ would create any unforeseen problems or be less stable than my current set up is. The reason to do this of course is to pull the full more potential from my ram and make some games load slightly faster and have better all around performance.

Does anyone have any advice on this?
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  1. Just leave the 1:1 and tighten the timings if you can...........you'll also see very little difference if any
  2. Right. Just tweak the timings to it's lowest. About 1-3fps gain.
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