anyone know of good 120mm fans with blue led's

im looking for at least 4 fans they need to be 120mm and i would like them to have blue led's and low decibles, preferably around 25 or less, and a good working airflow, if you know of anything that would work please let me know, i really dont know much about fans, but id rather not pay more then 6-8 dollars a fan, a 3 pin connecter or 3/4 pin adapter would be nice, but not really needed, thanks much for the help
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  1. hmm i actually quite like the top one, and if i just lower the fan speed a lil it should quiet it down nicely with still a good airflow, but again any other suggestions would be real nice
  2. At 33 dba, you will most likely not even hear the Yate Loon D12SM, yet you still get 70 CFM airflow. This is about one of the best noise/airflow trade-offs you will find for a cheap price currently on the market.
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