2 x1950 pro or something else ??

hi all thinking of uprading graphics soon

thinking of 2 sappire x1950 pros as i have an asus commando m/b so can only do crossfire

or would i be better off getting a single card of the SAME price that will do better ???

2 x1950 pros are going to cost me £200
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  1. ok upon more reading am i rite in thinking an 8800 GTS would be better than 2 sapphire x1950 pro ?
  2. 8800GTS is better than 2xX1950PRO
  3. looks like im a little behind on the graphics front, after more reading :)

    the ATI HD X2900 XT looks a good choice ???

    Grrr too many to choose from
  4. lol..take a pick :P

    2900XT is good. The 2900pro is due shortly....then there is the 8800's which can cost slightly more at places but perform better in most current dx10 games. your call..
  5. Either the 2900XT (which beats the 8800GTS in most cases), or the 2900pro which can be overclocked to XT speeds.
  6. It depends on what settings you typically game at.

    bash is right that the 2900xt beats the 8800GTS is most cases but from the reviews I have read thats only the case when AA is not enabled. With AA enabled the results flip around and the 8800 beats the 2900 most of the time. Assuming your going to enabled AA I think you would be better off with the 8800.

    But I dont have either card so everything I think i know about this is from the reviews Ive read.
  7. This one is good too:
    EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB $188 including VAT

    25..30 fps for two x1900xt or x1950xt in Crossfire:

    23.3 fps for one 8800 GTS 320 MB, same game/resolution/settings

    You can see in the second page I linked that a single x1950pro gets 13 fs while a single x1900xt or x1950xt gets 17.
    I don't have benchmarks for x1950pro in Crossfire but I'm sure they do a bit worse than two x1900xt or two x1950xt in Crossfire.

    Based on this, I'd say the single 8800 GTS 320 can beat two x1950pro, or it's very close anyway. I don't know about noise or power consumption but I suspect a single card does better there.
  8. to bash :
    2900xt dont beat 8800GTS 640 in most cases, in some games 8800GTS 640 wins , and in some games 2900XT ,u cant make a clear winner
  9. and the 2900 pro is now reckoned to be superior to the 8800 gts 320 at least according to THG
    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-160-SP (the link is just where to find one)
  10. guys : can the ATI 2*** series mix with 1*** in crossfire setup?
  11. no
  12. hrmm, i did a favor for my friend, and hell swap his typing pentium D, DDR 2 + pci-e with my P 4 agp cpu...hmm should i option for 2900 pro, 1950 xt/x (299) or the ASUS 7950 (130$), i wonder what HDR (high dynamic range) is?
  13. cheers for the replys :) think ill go the HD 2900 route with just 1 for now then another in a couple of mounths to put it in to crossfire :)
  14. have fun and enjoy ^^
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