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Quick question, is it alright to have a computer on its side? Will this cause problems with the hard drivers or optical drives?

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  1. Nope. Just make sure you lay it on the right side that way the motherboard will be laying flat. Not upside down.
  2. I'm a bit worried about the power supply, seeing as it's only held on by a few screws on the front. There's a gap between it and the side. Will those screws be able to hold it in place, or should I put some sort of solid thing in between the power supply and the side?
  3. DUCT TAPE!!!!

    If it looks like any peice of hardware is "hanging" I would not do it or atleast make sure that you secure it somehow. Last thing you want is to be knifing someone and you PSU crash into your video card and destory it.
  4. What kind of case are you trying to lay on it side? If the Power supply has at least 4 screws you are good but it does start leaning alot you might want to try to support it some how
  5. I'm using an XCLIO Windtunnel. It appears that the side that has no 250mm fans is completely flat. It would be blocking the USB/audio things but I don't use them anyways. The power supply does have 4 screws...I'm still going to just chop a piece of wood to fit in the gap so it has support anyways just to be safe (wood is safe on the side of it, right)?
  6. cant see a probloem, as long as ur not covering any exhaust vents or anything by putting it on its side
  7. You should be good even without the wood. Why exactly are you wanting to lay the case on its side? If you start to have a lot of issues i would just look into getting a different style case. If you have the money and other issues start to come into play but I would not see how they would. By any chance how do you like the case? It looks to be a pretty good looking case.
  8. Yea dont worry about the wood.. the only other thing I would be concerned about is that about 50% of your air intake.. being those slots on that side.. is going to be cutoff.. I cant tell from the newegg pics, but it doesnt appear to have any intake areas on the front there.

    So just watch your temps before and after laying it down to make sure your still getting enough airflow through it :)
  9. I'd be laying it down on the side that doesn't have the two fans, so all it would do is block the holes in the side that take some air out. I love the's very roomy. It's quite quiet. However, it's not new computer builder friendly (has almost no instructions, the support link on XCLIO's website is broken, lots of sharp edges). Still, I'm happy with it.
  10. Wood shouldn't be a problem either.
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