Commodore PCs any good?

Hiya Gang

Just looking at the commodore site, seem to have really decent PCs for good money.

I'm thinking about buying a complete system, instead of building one myself.
And looking at the specs, I reckon building one myself would probably cost more than one of these!

Anyone had any experience with Commodore? (Apart form C64's!)

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  1. It's in GBP the price and it doesn't have a monitor. Yes you can build one for cheaper for what they offer with a better case that's not a square.
  2. I think the cases they have are nice!

    Better than most things you can get off the shelf I reckon.

    I worked out one of the PCs cost in parts, and it worked out around £200 more expensive to build it myself...
  3. So who is right -- cheaper or more expensive to build yourself?
  4. 99.9% of the time, build yourself if you know how and don't mind relying on individual parts' warranties if something breaks, this is especially true at the ultra high end where it saves 1000's
  5. Yeah, I had a VIC-20, but its 300 bps modem was totally whack.
  6. If you like it, then buy it. Post you experiences for the next guy.
  7. Wow, those are EXPENSIVE.

    I think if commodore makes the cases and sells them (i REALLY like them) they will make money but otherwise not much chance of them selling one...
  8. I bought a Commodore 64 back when they were new. That's where I learned to first write programs, not just for it, but also for Apple and IBM, as I translated many of those programs from Commodore into both IBM and Apple languages. So there's lots of good memories with the C64. What was bad was the price. Think of spending nearly $2000 for a computer, including the various accessories, that had a blazing 2mhz speed, 32 kilobytes of ram (the other 32kb was for the graphics), and then hooking it up to your TV. To make it more realistic, that was $2000 in 1980's dollars, so would probably be closer to $8,000 in today's money. On top of that, a program of a size less than 32 kilobytes would cost between $50 for a game to $100 for a spreadsheet. Those prices make me grateful for the prices we pay today, along with the performance we get.
  9. evolmonster said:

    Anyone had any experience with Commodore? DB

    Yeah, their Amiga's were good, 20 years ago. I know 'cos I had one! :D
  10. I had the unlucky experiance of servicing them for Comet about nine or ten years ago .... they were cheep and nasty and put together by morons & i think comet went out of its way to over sell there abilitys. I used to have a Vic20 through to Amigas and loved them but there pc compatables were about as compatabe as i am with breathing water......
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