MSI NEO F1S2R memory help

I have a MSI NEO F1S2R motherboard with 2 X 512MB DDR 400 modules with P4 3GHz Socket 478 processor which is FSB 800 capable
This motherboard supports FSB 800 (400 Mhz )

My system FSB runs at 200Mhz
I would like to upgrade my memory to 2 GB DDR 433 or DDR higher so my system FSB would run at 400 Mhz and I would take a full advantage of the FSB

Now my motherboards manual says that the motherboard supports memory up to DDR 400
Can I install DDR 500 or DDR 533 ?
my DDR 400 does not support FSB faster then 210 Mhz if I set it higher the system does not boot or when it boots it crashes

Can someone help

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  1. Suggest you go to the Crucial website and enter the make and model of your mobo and they will tell you what RAM it can run.
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