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Hello everyone...
I have recently fallen victim to a nasty virus which tried to destroy my entire operating system. It kept sending me pop ups via IE and I guess I downloaded it off a facebook video to which it attached itself. kaboob or something. Anyway, I survived but haven't been able to restore my desktop functionability. First it said 'restore my active desktop' but I couldn't. Finally I managed to restore about one eighth of my picture...any picture...but can't get any further. The rest of my screen is white and that's where it stands now. Can someone help? Thanks.
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    First thing to do is to make sure the virus is really gone.

    Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. Then visit THIS website and download/install Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. Run a full scan to ensure your system is clean.

    Let us know what your computer status is after you have done that.
  2. Thanks lotri. I went to safe mode with networking, ran Malwarebytes which found 11 problems and deleted all on reboot. I forgot the procedure there for a minute as it's been awhile, but managed to recover. Upon reboot, I received a message : Error loading C:WINDOWS\adigovag.dll module is not to be found.
  3. I'm not sure what adigovag.dll is. A Google search returned the closest result as atidvag, which is related to an ATI video driver. Does your computer have integrated graphics, or a dedicated ATI card?
  4. Lotri,
    I have retrieved my full desktop panorama…quite by trial and error.
    First I went to ‘Display’ in Control Panel.
    Then I went in to ‘customize desktop’ in settings, down to ‘customize desktop’ which brought me to ‘desktop items’. I clicked on the ‘web’ tab, unchecked my ‘current home page’ and checked the one above it which read something like ‘file:///C:DOCUME~1/Temp.
    My full screen is now back to normal. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem.
    Now I still don’t know what the missing dll file is but I’ll investigate that further.
    I don’t have integrated graphics, or a dedicated ATI card, as far as I know. I will double check on the name of the dll and post back after reboot. Thank you.
  5. Hi Lotri,
    I shut down and on start up noticed that this was a rundll Error...that's the information I missed and why the Dll file was unfamiliar. I looked up the RunDll solution...Fixing the RunDll Error on pc startup.

    * Click start button
    * Go to run box
    * Type in msconfig
    * Click the startup Tab
    * Uncheck the application that is giving the error.
    * Click apply and ok
    * Restart computer when prompted
    * When computer reboots and dialog box pops up.. put a check in 'don't show this again'. This solved the problem, also another lon-standing problem I had at startup with another program which kept popping up.. So, other than my pc being a bit slow, your first suggestion of going into safe mode and running malware bytes, started the whole experience of repair for me, and I thank you. I had so much freeware anti-malware programs, I didn't know which one was good. Now if I could only tweak Microsoft Outlook 2007 and IE so that they both start faster....but I'm one happy cat now, and intend to stay close to Tom's Hardware to learn more.
    You're awesome!
  6. Well, I tried. =P I'm glad to see you resolved your problem.
  7. lotri said:
    Well, I tried. =P I'm glad to see you resolved your problem.

    Thanks again, lotri.
  8. Thanks again lotri!
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