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does anyone have cricket wireless internet? I find that it is a lot slower than dial up, I usually give up and go to the office to use their internet! I was asked my address when I signed up and they told me I shouldn't have a problem in my area....wrong!!!
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  1. You are right. It is slow. I've notice a pattern with it over the past 48 hours. It's fine in the morning. Speeds I observe are between 400kbits and 1.3Mbits. I can live with that. But at about 2pm daily it slows dramatically to the degree as to be practically unuseable. Then it returns fine again the next morning. I'm beginning to suspect something fishy is going on here. You can't go around advertising "unlimited broadband" while providing broadband some of the time and sub-dialup speed most of the time. I sent the following message to Cricket this morning:

    Assistance requested: Can someone tell me why my broadband speed has dropped so dramatically over the past 36 hours? Is it a network problem? I have the ability to monitor speed constantly and what I am looking at is sub dial-up speeds. Matter of fact, it's average speed at times is in the 4-5 kbit/s range. That's more than 10 times slower then dial-up. I've even seen sub kilobit speeds (bits per second) at times. It's not my computer. There is absolutely no malware, adware, etc on my machine. I use to work PC tech support so I would know. No vast number of unnessasary processes running in the background either. I've even run the machine on a diagnostic startup so I know that is not it. This is very annoying.
  2. Yeah, Cricket is slower than dialup. Try watching a YouTube video. Five minutes to start. Plays for two seconds. Stops for fifteen seconds to a minute. Plays for two seconds. Stops again, etc.

    Customer service? There is none. Their web sms didn't work so I tried emailing. You get a bollerplate letter saying they've referred you to their local cricket store (mostly associate stores manned by people who really don't care.) The associate store sends you a boilerplate letter to contact their customer service, which just fobbed you off on their associate store, so it's back in the bendover line :cry:

    The first time I tried to contact them by phone, I tried for four days and gave up.

    Horrible speed and even worse customer service. They also throttle you and drop the line all the time.

    Stay away from these awful bozos, theives, and liars. The place must be run by former Enron executives.
  3. :fou: Worst internet ever Im so disappointed. I cant do any downloadin and even worse, myspace takes forever to load and I really doubt Ill even be able to use my internet travelin to Louisiana on Friday Customer Service is absolutely nonexistent. I would not recommend Cricket to ANYONE
  4. :fou: Yes, I can understand how you all feel about the cricket service. Just yesterday I went to buy the cricket broadband and in the last 24 hours it has done some up and down speed. Let's say if you were up at 1am to 10am in the morning, you wil have good speed from a range of 400kbits to 1.2Mbits... The afternoon and evening it get so much worst that I don't even bother login online. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and now it say that in my area I have excellent coverage but on the website it also says:

    "The coverage map shows the scope of the calling areas. Maps depicts an approximation of service coverage. Actual coverage area may differ substantially from map graphics and may be affected by such things as terrain, weather, foliage, buildings, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors. Coverage indoors may also vary. Cricket does not guarantee coverage."

    Then what they should do is not say that their broadband is 3G wireless at high speed broadband... But that is the way of the industies trying to suck you out of money to pay for something that is not really worth it.... $40.54 month is a little high for something that I can just go with Madcity broadband here in Madison and get better coverage like I did before and will have to return to MadCity Broadband and it's only 26.95 a month for high speed internet.... I can just buy another and better wireless adapter for a cheap price on Ebay. :fou:

    Well thanks for reading :hello: :hello: :hello:
  5. I called today abot the internet service. Their reason is because I pay $55.00 and i used all the time passing from 3.5 I guess it goes 1.5 and that is so slow! They make it my fault. Their adverstisement said unlimited! Now they claim I exceeded my time and that my bill cuts on the 25 of each month. Today is only the 4th, and I already used all my time!!!! that is crazy. In top of it my english is bad second language.. but those stupid people that answer the phone in english language... they can't even speak english. I could not understand anything. I tried their spanish language line an it was the same... I could ot understant english nor spanish. so what Language do they speak. Bring the call center to USA, so we can talk to an english speaker person. English is my second language and even I felt frustrated while trying to comunicate with this idiots.
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