Changed A8N32-sli & Keyboard Acts Really Weird The Hotter It Gets

I had an asus A8n32-sli deluxe.. it works great. no problems at all. then that motherboard got shocked through the LAN1 ethernet port from an electrical storm.

so i bought another board of the same type that was a referbished and moved everything else from the old and onto this new one

i didn't reformat the harddrives so everything is as though it never happened. (all same programs and drivers, ect all load up) and i didn't add anything that wasn't already there with the original. I wanted it to be exactly the same so i could compare.

I noticed that it runs a little hotter but that could be because this board didn't come with that stack 2 cool pad on the back.. you know, that rubbery/foam pad that just sticks to it and can be pealed off.

so since it ran hot i tried pealing that stack2 cool off of the old board and i slapped it onto the new board & kneeded it in some so it would stay. =P i didn't really notice a difference.

but games and such seem to run smooth.

However, i did notice two problems that happen consistently:

1. the keyboard's repeat rate on certain keys seems to stutter.. well, actually it pauses randomly if i hold a certain key down and when i'm typing sometimes i have to keep repressing one of those certain keys to get it to register. the keys that give me trouble are keys "7" or "&", the "J" key and the "K" key
all other keys seem fine, even the numberpad keys.

I did notice that when i first boot up it doesn't do it as badly. and the hotter it gets the more it does those pauses. i've tried turning down the repeat rate and it does it just as much on the slowest setting.

i have the keyboard plugged into the usb port exactly next to the LAN1.

2. about 1/2 of the time windows xp boots up the little icons near the clock that first load at startup dont all show up. i have about 15 things showing up down there normally.. and 4 of them don't show up when this happens. always the same ones and always at the same time. the ones that dont load up are ad-aware's adwatch, my Logitech Keyboard Profiler, my setpoint profiler for my mouse, and for my nvidia graphics cards

so i check my processes running to see if these are in the list and they are there like normal..and working fine.. yet i dont actually see their icons near the clock.

this has never happened with the old motherboard.
so what i do to solve the problem is i log back off then back on and then they show up correctly

Now, it's not a huge deal that the icons don't show up but it worries me as to why something so simple as that happen when i've done/installed nothing between changing out that motherboard.

i havn't got a slight clue what it could be

but as for the keyboard it makes me wonder if the motherboard i bought is no good since it was a referbished. it also makes me wonder if maybe my keyboard was shocked in that storm. but if it was shocked, i'd think that the keys wouldn't work at all. i dont have another pc to test it in.

any clue?
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  1. Well, I think you've done your homework on this one... if it were me I'd try a different keyboard before doing anything drastic. They're ridiculously cheap. Just because you have the same board doesn't mean you didn't get a different revision of that board or more likely a different version of BIOS on the board. Just a thought.
  2. I use the A8n32-SLI Deluxe in two computers and have found that they are very picky. I've also had to RMA two of them and had to have one sent back to ASUS for repair.

    As Rodney suggested, the BIOS version might be different between your old board and the refurbished one. So first off, try updating the BIOS and see if that helps. After that, again as Rodney suggested, try a different keyboard. My older board does not do well with USB boards, but will work with a PS2 keyboard without problem. Why, like I said, these boards can be picky.

    Back to the keyboard issue, if there was an electrical storm that wiped out the original motherboard, there is no telling how many other parts also got damaged. I've suffered storm damage twice through the years, one time taking out a whole computer, and the other time only loosing a hard drive and PSU. So try a BIOS update, then a different keyboard, and get back to us if the problem continues.
  3. well, just updated the bios. i dont notice any differences. havn't had the icon problem show up on this boot but it might around the corner. it's random at a rate of flipping a coin.

    keyboard still acting up.

    thx for the suggestions
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