HELP! :) What is the BEST build for VIDEO, graphic design + 3d anim


I need some help figuring out what's would be best for me. So many new stuff on the market I lost track with all those new technologies. Was wondering if anyone doing some Video production and graphic design could help me set up the best computer for this type of work, for about 4000$ budget. This would be of a GREAT help. Thank you very much!!!


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  1. I am not good with GFX design builds but I know you just made some of the other posters days. $4,000 you can build a kick butt PC.

    What all will you need? Just a computer or will you need monitor, keyboard, speakers...
  2. Well... you want a big and fast repponding monitor with good colors and for garphics design and video editing you'll quadro series 5500fx or 5600fx theya re like 2.3k each though and nvidia sells rigs with 4 of them in sli for 20k.
    get one of those is you want to do professional stuff.
  3. I'll just need the computer, i've got the rest. Dont want to use a LCD or Plasma monitor, as it's not true colors that ppl will see on their TV or Prints :p.

    Think you can help me out? Im a bit at lost with the new motherboards and CPU, just dont know what would be the most efficient for my type of work. I heard that Matrox makes great GFX card for video, but for the rest.. :( ?

    What I have right now is a P5WD2-PRM Mother Board

    2.8 Dual Core CPU
    2go Ram
    1 tetra of HD - 2x 250go in Raid and 1x 500.
    2x GeForce 6600GT in Semi-Sli

    I'd like smthing alot more efficient than that, to shorten the time of video renders and easily use bigger project in photoshop... Any clue? ;p
  4. Oh and BTW... My brother has a Computer Hardware store... So it's 4000$ at COST price... which gives alot more possibilities :)
  5. You definitely want to go with a server mobo and two quad Xeons. I don't have model numbers but that should get you started. I'm not up on the server end at all, but I would start here.

    Intel® Xeon® Processor 7000 Sequence %u2013 Specifications
    Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000 Sequence %u2013 Specifications
  6. Yep a server setup, as rendering is more a cpu game than a gpu game, the more cores the better.
  7. That rig WR2 looks good for you. If you can try to nab yourself a Sony FW900 CRT....Personally I dislike LCD's and they aren't very accurate.

    They are using in most entertainment companies. ILM, Lucas Arts, Pixar...It was also used for the film "300" since it was the only monitor to give the color accuracy they needed. If you already have a monitor you can just ignore this post though..But they are nice monitors. 24 inch Widescreen CRT...Only widescreens in CRT form are the Sony Trinitron tubes.

    you can get a grade A- Refurbished model from
    They are top notch with a 1 year warranty as well. They come with free shipping. They are priced at 700 though. Retail price brand new was 2,300 before CRT's left the market. The A- grade has no screen blemished what so ever. There is minor damage to the plastic though but no cracks. Don't get their B grade if you do plan to purchase. Even though they are cheaper they have screen blemishes.

    But yea..That xeon build is nice..But isn't Tigerton suppose to come out relatively soon?...same with penryn based 774 processors...Might want to wait a little since they come out in november..Unless you don't mind buying now.
  8. Alright thx alot guys and WR2 for the nice build :) Just another question: What do you think of the Matrox cards for Video? Heard they could give some good realtime? for: Matrox Parhelia DL256 PCI and Matrox RT.X2 SD?

    Heres some link:

    for: Matrox Parhelia DL256 PCI and Matrox RT.X2 SD?
  9. That seems like a lot of system for non HD editing. What are you planning on doing that requires so much power?

    I would also look at Canopus, their cards also seem to be among the higher performing "budget friendly" cards.
  10. Im doing lots of video editing (usually a 15 movie rush in june). I need to take rendering and the ''oh-so-long'' encoding to a new level. Losing so much time with that,plus getting some realtime for the editing. Not doing HD yet but it's coming quick.

    Do lots of graphics designs, and some big formats too (4x8 feets at 200-300 dpi) in photoshop, so need to have efficiency with that too.

    Also do some graphic animation with 3ds MAX and AfterEffect. Need to get the renders done too.
  11. Some1 made me this build... what do you guys think about this for video editing purpose?

    CPU Intel QUAD Core 2 Q6600 - 2.4Ghz / 8mo / 1066
    MEM-CRU-1066- Kit 2go Memory Crucial Ballistix PC8500 - 1066 Mhz - DDR2 (x2)
    HARD DISK WD 74go 10K - SATA
    Hard Disk 500GB 7200RPM 16MB U300 SATA2 (x2 in Raid)
    Case Antec Sonata - Sonata III 500 Watts
  12. Heard most software dont use more then 4 cores for now? That true?
  13. I'd have to reccomend the Server setup listed above for your kind of work, and /most/ software does not, but the software you use may, or may not, be different. You'd have to contact who made the software to find out if it's capable of using more than a quad-core.
  14. Moonshadow17 said:
    Some1 made me this build... what do you guys think about this for video editing purpose?
    CPU Intel QUAD Core 2 Q6600 - 2.4Ghz / 8mo / 1066
    You want to bundle your editing hardware & software along with your computer and keep under your $4000 budget?
    Add a video card like GeForce 8600GTS 512MB $190. RT.X2 uses the CPU and GPU to work its magic.

    Premiere Pro 2.0, Sony Vegas and all the top video and graphics software can use all the cores you can afford. A lot of the studios use "server farms" to muscle their way through demanding projects. Here is one editing workstation listed on the Matrox site and similiar to the one I suggested earlier: Matrox RT.X2 Dealer-validated system

    If you want to get started spending less and still have the option to upgrade to 8 cores and more than 4GB RAM compare the desktop build with:
    Xeon X5355 Clovertown 2.66GHz Quad (1 x $788each)
    SUPERMICRO X7DAE-O Dual 771 socket 5000X chipset EATX Server Motherboard $444.99
    4 GB RAM Kingston 4GB(2 x 2GB) FB-DIMM DDR2 667 ECC Server Memory (1 x $299.99)
    SAMSUNG T Series HD501LJ 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0 HD (2 x $109.99)
    GeForce 8600GTS 512MB ($190)
    Matrox RT.X2 w/ Premiere Pro 2.0 ($1700)
    Antec TITAN650 server case with 650W PSU $170
  15. If you're curious about the price of having a server built for you using 8 cores and RT.X2 check out this e-store:
  16. Cool thx, i'll have a look!
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