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Hi guys.
I wanna build a intel duo system
What about this mobo?

Whats the differences for 965, 975 and P35??
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  1. the 965 chipset is a great choice and has good features, however the p35 is a better overclocker,
    the gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard has been a real crowd pleaser lately.
  2. Thanks for your answer :)
    Is 975 better than 965?
    In what way?
  3. in a way that... i dont know... but yeah the Gigabyte motherboards featuring P35 chipsets are way better
  4. Forget 975. Overpriced and the oldest of the 3 chipsets.
    The P35 is the latest and best.
  5. what about 965?
    Is cheaper than p35
  6. Im buying p35- ds3
    The model with "R" in the end is different???
    Thank you :)
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