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HELP! Can't access routers setup URL?

Hello, Really in need of some it help! I´m a mum and i'm trying to manage my childrens privacy better and manage what they're looking at especially in Ingocnito mode (We have Chrome)

A friend mentioned to me, an extension called OpenDNS which sounds perfect.

I've signed up for it, and they have now prompted me to access my netgear routers setup url ( Everytme I type this into the browser bar and it keeps saying it couldn´t establish a connection with the page...

I have no idea how to change my routers settings etc, and would really appreciate some dumbed down help! Thanks in advance
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    Open a command prompt (windows key + r, type cmd then press return)
    Type in ipconfig
    The default gateway IP is a likely candidate of your router
    If you get the right page you'll be prompted to enter a user name and password.
  2. For the routers user name and password you can find out what it is by searching for the brand and model number, but usually for all routers user name and password will both be admin or administrator, or simply the user name will be admin and the password will be left blank.
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