Fan Plug Confusion / Front USB Problem

My motherboard the GA-P35-DS3R has a 4 pin CPU_FAN plug for my heatsink/fan apparatus.

There is also a 4 pin SYS_FAN2 plug on the motherboard that I don't have anything plugged into, what is that one for?

Also, there is a 3 pin PWR_FAN plug, and I dont have anything in that. What is that one for?

I know this may be rudimentary stuff for you gurus out there, but I'm lost right now. My fans all had the big 4 prong power plugs that go right into the power supply cords. It appears that they have 3 wires out of the actual fan, then a female type connector. Attached to that female connector is a male side with only 2 wires, then on the other end of that the big 4 pin power thing. Where do the motherboard connections fit into this scenario?


For my next trick, I would like to be able to use my 2 front USB ports. I actually have 3, but one is part of a multi card reader and that works fine. The card reader had a plug that fit into a plug on the mobo with 9 pins labelled usb, it looked like this (.::::) That port works, its the other two Im having problems with. When I plug something into the usb port on the front I blue-screen and die. When I was attaching the wires from these to the motherboard, I noticed that they didn't have the nice connector on the end like the other one. The other one had a big plastic guy that I just had to line up to the 9 pins. These other two have about 3 connectors each with a different number of pins for them. They are all labelled and stuff. Could it be that I got them plugged in backwards? Any suggestions?

BTW: I didn't want to go digging around trying to fix the situation by just reorienting the connectors for each usb until I got it, partially because I loaned my anti-static band to my friend, and partially because I am genuinely interested in what the problem could be.
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  1. Based off the pics I can get from Newegg and such.. I cant see these connections on the board.. so my first guess would be that these fans connections are for additional fans of which to be honest im not sure for what..

    I have yet to this day ever used a fan requiring 4 pins... all of them have been 2 pin.. some with the 3rd pin for monitoring purposes.. IE to watch the RPM's..

    As far as hooking up additional USB ports.. I have never needed more than the 4 USB ports on the MB so I never hooked them up lmao.

    I have the Thermaltake Armor Case they have the usb ports on top of the case except the wires were not long enough to work with my wire management.. so I just stuff them in the top drive slot behind my power button panel lol
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