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At times it's a bit confusing,as when I refer to WINDOWS EXPLORER,I do not mean WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER.

My Windows Explorer has never worked properly,and is continually shutting programs down with a variety of error and problem messages.I would like to know how I can remove this piece of antiquated rubbish for good,and replace it with one of a variety of explorers that are head and shoulders above this nuisance.

There are even freeware Explorer programs that I have used,and they do not seem to get ANY errors.

As well as this,my System Restore has not worked since I went from SP1 to SP2. There is no point even discussing SP3,as this continually shuts the computer down,as well as being a general nuisance.I have tried everything possible,and have given up.

I acquired a free program called Explorer XP,and when I ran it,it found a folder called System Information (as I recall) on the C drive.When I opened it,I found almost 8gig of data listed like this: RP1 - RP2 - RP3 right up to RP 312.It did not take much to work out that these were all snapshots and system restore points.Some RP's were over 100 meg.,but the actual restore point was only 8kb.If someone can explain these things to me,I'll be forever grateful. One would have thought that these multi billion dollar companies would have gotten their act together after several million complaints.

Whoever has a problem with System Restore,download Explorer XP (freeware) and check out drive C for a folder that Windows Explorer does not show.I read a blog where someone had two pages of instructions as to how to find this folder.Forget it! Use Explorer XP and you'll find it in 30 seconds.

Yours Most Sincerely,

John Jurss
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  1. Windows Explorer and System Restore not running properly are the likely result of a corrupted system registry. Try downloading and running these registry repair softwares. A repair installation of Windows XP would fix Windows Explorer/System Restore problem if the registry repair software doesn't.

    Try these.


  2. Dear Badge,

    Thank you very much for responding so quickly,for which I am very grateful.
    Unfortunately,all the things that you have mentioned have been tried by me numerous times without any success.
    I do know that there are some antivirus programs that can read parts of the OS as viruses,e.g.XoftSpy kept on bringing up a component called 'Pro Agent',which apparently is a trojan.Unfortunately,there is a component in XP with the same name,and if that is deleted,then more problems.
    The things you had to say set me thinking,esp.the point you made about a corrupt registry.I wonder if,in fact,the Windows disc itself has become corrupted in some way.I say this because no matter which computer I install with this disc,the same thing happens.Have you ever experienced a situation where the disc itself has become corrupted because all the data is not loaded.
    I have done XP repairs,reloaded Windows only,created a totally clean install using a brand new hard drive,but the result is always the same.

    The last time I did this,the problem was even worse.My e-mails from Outlook Express,including the contacts,had disappeared.In my favourites,half of them were gone.I mentioned the fact that I found several hundred restore points that over time had not been deleted,and to make matters worse,were constantly being added to.

    I gave up when a computer shop installed a motherboard which is the worst I have ever used,and decided to work out for myself what some of these problems were.That's when I learnt about 'jumpers',and other little unknown things about computers that the man in the street has never heard of.

    Right now,I can build a computer in 2 hours.When I bought my first one in 2003,I could barely turn it on.

    Just as a matter of interest.My first computer was built for me,and everything in it worked.There were no problems with freezing,windows explorer errors,and the system restore worked perfectly every time.The computer had an Intel 865 series motherboard,and the OS used SP1.The restore points were created automatically as soon as I turned the computer on.I could also put in place restore points manually.

    So,I have attempted just about everything I can think of,with the exception of buying a new windows installation disk.In your travels,have you ever come across the situation where the disc itself over time had become corrupt.

    At present I am using an ASUS computer with a Pentium III Quad Core processor.The motherboard is made by GIGABYTE,and the computer is very fast,running at 3.0Ghz. All my normal programs work perfectly,with the exception of the problems with windows.

    I hope that I haven't spoilt your day with my ramblings,but it seems that it may come down to this:


    p.s.my brother-in-law has 4 computers,and everything works on his.

    Yours Very Sincerely,

    John Jurss
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