Norton power eraser time to run?

I recently had to replace a damaged/failed hard disk. Once everything was re-installed I was using Norton 360 Backup to a separate, 100% larger drive. At about 92% backed up I got an error that sent me to Norton's Power Eraser utility. It's now been running in Normal mode for about 11 hours. (System drive is 500 Gb, backup is 1 Tb. RAM totals 3 Gb)

This seems an inordinately long time given that the drives are nowhere near full. Am I right, or should I be patient? Or is it best to run it in Safe Mode? Of course, that would give me no internet access, if it's needed by the NPE util.

Sorry, I'm using my wife's Mac to write this as I don't want to disrupt Power Eraser just yet. My PC is a Dell Dimension e521 running Win XP.

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  1. 11 hours shouldn't need that long.
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