external harddisk problem!! (mybook essential)

I have a Western Digital 500gb Mybook essential harddisk and lately it's been disconnecting itself when i do long transfers. like it's plugged in transferring stuff for an hour or 2, but then suddenly it just disconnects itself, cancels the transfer, but the power is still on and the cables are still connected.

even after disconnecting the USB, it doesn't turn off the HDD like it would normally. i have to plug out the power before the HDD turns off. when i plug it in again, the mybook gets detected again.

ps. plugging out the usb and replugging it in doesn't work. it doesn't redetect

it's pissing me off really. because i'm transferring 450gb of stuff from this problematic 500gb hdd to my 1tb hdd (which doesn't have the problem), and it's been 12 hours, with only half done because i have to keep plugging in and out the power. have had to do that about 4 times now since last night.

and it obviously wasn't transferring much while i was sleeping cus i wasn't there to plug it back in.

NOTE: this problematic 500gb disk is almost full, and this problem hasn't occured until like 2-3 weeks after purchase. means i've been using it fine for about 3weeks until now.
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  1. Have you tried using a different usb port? If possible use one on a different usb header. Could be usb problem in the computer itself. Try a different cable.
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