250 gig 8mb cache

ok, yesterday i was givin a brand new seagate barracuda 250 gig HD for free. never used still in orig seal pack. i was going to use a 250 gig HD for my OS and other non removable programs. but i was going to pick up a 16mb cache. but this drive being free, dose anyone see a real problem useing this drive if its only going to be for the OS and other non removabal programs? my other HD is a 7200.11 500 gig with 32mb cache for all my burning of movies and music, games ect ect...

what are your guys opinions? this is the only thing that is keeping me from my build today
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  1. You aren't going to notice a difference between the cache sizes unless you are planning to do some very intense file server work. haha

    Plus, the drive is free. Go for it.

    Good luck with your build! Let us know how it turns out.
  2. well i did get the system put together now i am having a problem getting windows vista to load. says something about " not enough system requirements " i have 4 gig of ram. the system see's 4.6 gig's it see's my q6600 the vid card evrything. both HD's are format. i have no clue. this is the first time this ahs happened
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