is this temp right for an evga 8800 gts?

i have a standard 8800 gts with core-513 mhz and memory-792 mhz.

my idle temperature stays around 54-56c. unfortunately i never found out how it is under load.(stock cooler)

this morning i overclocked my memory to 999 mhz and my core to 620 mhz(3d perf only) using riva i'm running 'look for artifacts' using atitools and it seems to pass really well, with temperature peaking at 75-76c (idle-59c).

from what i hear the numbers here are a bit too high. should i keep my overclocking settings? what is the temperature boundary? what do u guys average?

thnx for any help in advance.
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  1. My idle temp is around 59C and under load I run at around 79C. These fluctuate slightly depending on if my room is hot. I have my card at stock settings.
  2. That is right, my idle temp for the 320 OC is 60-65 depending on room temp.

    That is fine.

    I have 2 in SLI and one is at least 5 degrees hotter than the other.
  3. so, peaking 75-76c during overclock is a good thing?

    (btw, my room temp is *@#%ing 32c!! cant always turn on the AC u kno!)
  4. My XFX 8800GTS 320MB stock speed idle at 52°C and peak 63°C automatic fan speed. Room temp 25°C.
    OCed to 600/900 idle at 57 and peak 70°C automatic fan speed.

    I've attached 8cm fan on the case (top of VGA CARD) and in the back of the case (just under the exhaust of VGA card) so there's more airflow around VGA card which give 3°C less on OCed automatic fan speed. But if i set integrated fan rpm into 100% all the time, i got 6-7°C less.

    Check your airflow on the case.
    If you want you can override the fan setting using Rivatuner or Ntune.
  5. yea, i used riva tuner to override the fan setting which now always works above 80%. the airflow in my casing is based on the cpu position, one on the back, one on the side. but i have an makeshift intake in the front.

    anyways, i maxed out on the airflow issue for now. but is it safe to continue my overclock?
  6. 80degrees is fine for a GPU, they can take a LOT more heat hen a CPU. If its 90 - 100degrees then worry, 80 is ok though.
  7. Quote:
    but is it safe to continue my overclock?

    Try to use ATItool to test if you still can pushing your card. Once you get artifact then you can slow down or stop pushing your card.

    Concerning temp, as Hatman said, 80°C is still fine. From NVidia software such Ntune (if i'm not wrong), on its default settings, it showed maximum temp is 125°C.
  8. hei thnx guys. i haven't had any artifacts/problems yet. i think 20% overclock is pushing the card quite enough.

  9. I use to think my card ran really hot so I emailed the evga people to ask. Here was the response:

    Answered By Leonardo R (4/28/2007 6:42:22 PM): Hi Corey, These cards run at high temperatures. At idle you will see the temps anywhere between 55 and 60c. Under full load the card can reach safe temperatures up to 85c. TY EVGA Tech Team

    I have an 8800 gts 320
  10. i have a 8800 640-

    stock speeds
    60's idle and 70's low 80 under load

    OC'd 550/1000
    705ish idle and high 80's under load

    during OC testing i was able to get 668/1200 until I hit the thermal envelope and shutdown at about 110

  11. your temps are normal as you can see from the above responses, carry on
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