Vista startup problem - from update?

Hello, I have a few issues with the laptop im currently writing this from.

This is a Vista -32bit. installed with the original disk that came with it. My computer cannot seem to get past the update for vista called (KB938979)some performance and reliability update (Basically after restarting i get a half-second BSOD and am forced to click on Last Known Configuration) . But i am really at a loss as to what is wrong other than this *** is old... I have at one point replaced the hard-drive and ram. but all the memory seems to be accounted for and as i said my computer works fine most of the time.

After getting sick of this I tried my hand at windows 7. That one just gave me even more confusing problems like computer just freezing on welcome screen start up from time to time with black streaked lines randomly scattered across my screen from top to bottom(Yes it looked scary) something like this-->

That isnt my computer just an interpretation.

So now i am back on my vista with the same problem i described before and just going to avoid updates for now and see how that works. If anyone has any clue of what might be wrong would really appreciate a hint.. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try doing a system restore, i.e. set the system back to a previous date before the update and see if that helps the issue. If it does, it definitely sounds like an issue with the update.
  2. Yah im still testing that. i did a revert to last known configuration.
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