Printer sharing, how to connect

i have 2-computers an 1-printer, how do i hook up the printer so both can use it.
any info, will be helpfull,
thank-you and god bless.
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  1. Assuming your are using a router your network and for internet:

    Start button>click-on Printers and Faxes>right-click and select Sharing, click on the radio button to Share this printer, choose any other options.

    Both computers can now share the printer through your network.
  2. While this answer works great with a local printer attached to one of the desktops, what is the best way to share a network printer attached directly to the router? I can call up the IP address (assigned by the router) on the printer network configuration page, but I am unable to download the printer drivers to the (wireless) laptops, and have them find the printer that is wired to the router. Did I overlook something?
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