IDE HD recognized but "unallocated"

I have a weird HD issue. My HD is getting detected by the data on it isn't. :(

Just got done slipstreaming my Windows XP to install Intel Sata drivers.
I have 2 HD, one is Sata (C) and one is IDE (partitioned to D & E) trying out Vista on drive D.

Shut down, disconnected IDE drive.
Reconnect my Sata Optical drive to 2nd sata controller.
Set bios to AHCI for the 1st controller (HD connected), and IDE for the 2nd controller (optical drive connected)
Boot from CD, XP installed fine.
When Windows loaded things were fine.
Installed drivers from packaged MB CD.
Restarted automatically and upon restart the optical drive was detected as an external drive. (could remove it like an external USB device, etc) <I thought this was weird>
Shut down
Reconnected Optical drive to 1st controller. Connected my old IDE drive.
When it turned on, in "my computer", the IDE HD didn't show up.
In Disk Management, it said the whole drive was "unallocated"

Any ideas if I did something wrong during the process?

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  1. First, is there any reason that you went SATA, other than you can? Do you need RAID, NCQ, Hot swap? If not rather than screw around trying to straighten the crazy stuff out, because you shouldn't have lost the IDE (PATA) drive like that, just reinstall the XP with no SATA drivers. There is no benefit other than the things I mentioned, no speed increase etc. If you are hell bent on making it work I can look around, or maybe someone else will jump in.

    The data should still be on the drive, so don't format etc.

    let me know.
  2. SATA drives usually show up as removable when AHCI's set, since it allows hot swapping SATA drives. Sounds like it's using a driver that recognized it as AHCI capable even if the controller wasn't set that way in BIOS.

    Not sure what'd cause the partition table to get whacked on the IDE drive, I've had several issues with RAID chipsets trashing SATA drives but the only difference could be the driver.

    If you connect just the IDE drive, does it show up normally?
  3. jalek said:
    If you connect just the IDE drive, does it show up normally?
    Good question, it should.
  4. It does. I only checked in bios peripherals because OS is installed on my other drive.
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