The New 9800 Series?

When rumors of the G92/G98 chipset from Nvidia came out it was speculated that these new chipsets will be the new 9series. But as we seen the G92 will not be the next generation cards but will be the chipset for the new single slot 8800GT. It was once thought that the new G92 cards were goiing to sport about 1GB of DDR4 but as we see from the reference board news of the G92 (8800GT) it'll be a mid-range card that'll have about 512MB clocked at about 600mhz. It's clear that the 8800GT is meant to be a go between card between 8800GTX and GTS (640 version). Where does that leave the new 9800GTX/GTS card we've been hearing about? It's hard to speculate with all the different rumors going about at this point. I hear many people posting weather they will buy 8800GTX's or Ultra's or should they wait to buy the 9800GTX. But where is the 9800GTX? Is this the DX10.1 teraflop DDR4 beast we keep hearing about or will it be just another OC'ed Ultra. What do you guys think?

Pics of the 8800GT Reference Board:

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  1. no power connector?
    is this pci-e 2.0?
  2. By the looks of the design it looks like it will run very cool. I'm tired of waiting for the 9800GTX so come Nov 12th if NVidia doesn't have a 9800GTX, I'm getting the 8800GTX. Its only money right? One way or the other I will get the 9800GTX even if I have to sell my wife. O did I say that out loud?
  3. The 8800GT's will take 6pin power connectors. You can see the connector sticking slightly out of the fan on the top left corder of the second image. No idea if it's PCI 2.0 but i doubt it cause i think they will reserve that feature possibly for the 9Series high end cards. From what i thought the G98's were gonna be the new 9800's but that doesnt seem to be the case now. From what's coming out of websites the G98's will be in the newer 8500/8600 cards. No idea where that leaves the 9800's cause Nvidia has been dead quite on that.
  4. This has been talked about here for 2 or 3days, this is yet another thread saying exctly the same things lol...

    it aint pci-e2, it dont have shader model 4.1 or dx10.1.

    There likely wont be a 9series high end card for another 6months atleast, and when they do it likely wont be called the 9 series.
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