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I have a bit of a strange problem which has popped up the past few days for no apparent reason.

I have two monitors and recently noticed that when i drag bbc i player, youtube, 40d video into the second screen and try to put it into full screen it will jump into the first screen and take up half the screen, the website stays in the second screen but video does not. Ive updated all graphics drivers and can only think its to-do with Flash. Netflix works full screen and so does vlc but web content does not (on firefox and chrome)

Any advice would be great. The only work around i can do it change the default monitor every time but this isnt really a solution.

Many thanks

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  1. Just uninstalled Google Chrome, did a restart and it promted me for a flash update then reinstalled chrome and it seems to be working. No idea what the exact cause was but if your having this problem then the browser uninstall seemed to work for me.
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