How to change a tiff file to a jpeg

if i have cd in tiff will this convert that cd to jpeg
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  1. open the file in your image manipulation program like GIMP, then save as or export to jpg.
  2. u are talking to someone that is not compter savey lol what is a gimp
  3. Okay, GIMP is a watered down photo editing program much like the popular Photoshop. If you don't already have Photoshop, GIMP should suffice for your needs. First open the TIFF image using Photoshop (file--> open--> select the tiff image) then go back to file and click "save as" raise the quality level to max (12) and on the bottom drop down menu of the window, select jpeg. Voila you got yourself a jpeg
  4. pamela talbot said:
    u are talking to someone that is not compter savey lol what is a gimp

    Forgot to mention, GIMP is free and a simple google search would yield the program. You do NOT need Photoshop to do this
  5. If you have many files i often use Image Tools. This is a bath resizer cropper and watermarker with many other possibilities. You can find it here
  6. Actually you can even do this using Paint ( a program supplied by microsoft with all versions of windows (Programs > Assessories > Paint). Paint can open (and save to) TIFF files and also convert and save to JPEG and various other formats. So you don't need to have a specialised photo editing software program to do this.
  7. 5 month old post........
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