Which 8800gts to keep??

So this is my situation..

I used to have a BFG 8800 GTS OC2 with 320mb, but after some time it was defect, so i RMA'ed it. Since i could not wait 3-4 weeks for the RMA to return i went out to buy a Sparkle 8800gts but with 640mb.

Now i have both cards (Just got a brand new BFG back from RMA).

Normally i would just use the 640mb one offcourse, but since the BFG is an OC2 version wich is oc'ed i wassnt sure anymore.

I have a 22" widescrren and im getting a 24" soon, so i game at 1680*1050 atm and probably 1900*1200 or whatever the new 24" screen supports.

So sell the 320mb version - grab another Sparkle 640mb and a new mobo and put in sli? or just sell the 320mb and save the money for now?
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  1. 1920x1200 is a good resolution for SLI , so my answer is yes , if u can sell the 320mb version and grap another 640MB and SLI it
  2. Sell the 320mb, but don't worry about changing your mobo (would be a real pain in the ass). See how the 640mb works with your new monitor, and if you need more juice wait about a month and a half until the GPU makers release their refresh cards. At that point you will probably be able to get a single card solution that will game at 1900x1200.
  3. just pick one, and send the other to me, since I am too poor to afford a new anything.. :lol:
  4. SPARKLE WHO ???

    Dude, Sell the Sparkle and get a new SLi motherboard.
    There's always a good reason for a new motherboard.
    Faster, more features, room to upgrade, and SLi .. etc etc

    Then you can SLi another BFG OC2, when you can get your hands on one.
  5. Assuming its the same Sparkle, they make pretty decent PSUs. I have no idea if their GPUs are on par but then as long as they use a reference design I don't see a way they could really mess it up. Although I'm not too knowledgeable about all the non-mainstream brands, I haven't heard of any that you really need to stay away from with newer gen cards.
    At the higher rez the 640MB should help more than the OC but its not a trend I see on Tom's VGA charts. I'd bet with newer games like Bioshock, Lost Planet, and Crysis will show this trend though.

  6. Actually, they did find a way to mess it up. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The Sparkle Calibre 8800 GTX: just like any other 8800 GTX, but it has a TEC cooler that keeps the card 10 degrees cooler than other 8800 GTX cards. So far so good, right? Now here's the problem: it consumes more power, it costs more, it makes more noise, and the total heat generated inside the case is actually more than with other cards. It was a very nice try, but it didn't work IMO.

    @OP: sell the OC2, especially if it's still sealed so you can prove it's brand new and unused. 6 months from now sell the Sparkle too, and get yourself the latest and greatest high-end card out there. I assume you have the money - few of us here would spend $400 on a new card just to avoid waiting 3 weeks for the replacement card. It will be a better choice than GTS SLI.
  7. Ok thanx for all the replies, ill keep the 640 sparkle and am already getting bids on the 320 BFG.

    Ill see how it takes me when Crysis comes out :-)
  8. I sucked at math (not a joke) but I know for sure 640>320.
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