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Hello everyone. I have a dilemma. My sound on my computer works great. I have a pair of logitech g930's and they work wonderfully, but as of recently, I get no sound from the left headphone while browsing the internet. Listening to music and playing games it is fine, but in my browser, I only have sound from the right headphone. I use SRWare Iron for browsing (a more secure version of google chrome basically) If anyone had any insight on this that would be wonderful. I tried uninstalling all of my extensions and clearing browsing data/cookies/history, and looked through all the settings and can not for the life of my figure it out. Thanks to everyone in advance for input!

Update - It happens in any web browser I have tried (Internet Explorer, firefox, google chrome, opera)
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  1. im having the same problem.
  2. Do you have g930s? It just started happening recently, and goes away if a I do a system restore, but then comes back soon after. I think Logitech updated their drivers and messed something up maybe. Not sure.
  3. yes I have Logitech g930. it started happing to me about 2-3 days ago. I found out that it has something to do with adobe flash player.
  4. Hmm that's about the same time it started happening to me. Found out any fixes yet? Maybe I will just try to revert to an older version of adobe. hmmmm
  5. no I did't find any fixes for it yet. but I've been using Safari and the sound works.

    sorry for the bad english
  6. Ehh its okay I understand. Its not bad at all. Thanks for the tip about Safari. I'll give it a try until I can find a fix, because using 7.1 all the time gets annoying :P
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