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I just got a new 2900 Pro and it says that it should have a core clock speed of 600 and a memory speed of 1600.

When I view the ATI Catalyst software information section is shows:
Core Clock: 507MHz
Memory Clock: 514MHz

When I view the GPU-Z, it shows:
GPU Clock: 601MHz
Memory Clock: 800MHz

The card is working fine though and I can run most things on high settings.
Did they give me an underclocked card, or am I just missing something. Also could it be that I'm only using a 480W PSU? (I only have 1 graphic card, one harddrive, 1 dvdrom, and an e6600)

Any help would be appreciated,

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  1. In 2D mode, it uses lower core clocks then in 3D mode, I ran GPU-Z today and it only shows me my 3D mode clocks. When in games it runs at the full speed of 600Mhz/800Mhz(double-data rate 1600Mhz effective)
  2. Yea and the 512MB version is running the 800MHz where as the 1GB version runs at 925MHz. Trust me I found it a little strange as well untill I contacted Sapphire tech support and they told me it shows the 2D settings.
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