Windows Services Dont Not Start

I had to format a Dell C600 Laptop drive and used the a XP Pro SP2 Reinstalation CD.

The install went fine but a couple of odd things;

1. A user was not created even though I had entered the information during the install, after install, I am logged in as an Admin inistrator

2. Now when I am in, all automatic services are not running and stopped. When I try to manuall start and get different errors for every service.

3. I cannot get to MSConfig, I get an error that it does not exist.

4. I cannot install drivers because I get a RSC message

I just reformatted another Dell with success.

I cannot find a solution anywhere, can someone please assist?
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  1. Check the control panel-->users to see if your other user exists.

    You can try the solution here for the msconfig problem.;_ylt=AuWtZSq9wWxS39fG7ysJz1kjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070319000559AAg2RKh

    It sounds like the install may have gone wrong.
  2. The user is not in user profiles.

    I did gte back MSCONFIG.exe but had to manually create the registry entry and copy the .exe from the cd

    There were no errors during install and have have now reformatted 3x with the same results
  3. Are you using a Dell Windows XP CD? If so, try another CD.
  4. I am using a reinstallation CD that worked perfectly on another computer earlier this week, I dont have another cd with XP
  5. You can create your user account in the control panel-->user section.

    Still getting errors when installing drivers? Does that include downloaded drivers?
  6. I can create a user, she looks like an administrator but all automatic service are stopped after reboot. Yes, I copied all relevant driver to computer with jump drive, but I get a RSC service error.

    I am fresh out of ideas, I was going to format again and tried thru cmd but it would not let let, something about a service running....LOL never been this frustrated

    I have even taken the HD out an dout in another computer and same issues
  7. I'd recommend a fresh install. Boot off your OS disc, to start the format/install process. There won't be any services running then.
  8. I have done the fresh install 3x and same thing happens, install is fine but no services...ugh
  9. This is still an open issue , could the hard drive affect the creation of profiles and permissions to run services?
  10. A faulty hard drive can cause issues with almost any aspect of windows.

    start-->run--> sfc /scannow
    start-->run--> chkdsk /r
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