Problems Adjusting CPU Voltage

I'm using a Biostar TForce4 Mobo with a amd 3500+ Orleans. I recently Overclocked my CPU from 2.2 to 2.6, anything over that runs unstable without changing the CPU voltage. I notice a difference in performance. and my cpu runs 35-42C. After OC'in temperatures didn't change.

I've read numerous accounts on Overclocking the 3500+ and most say that it runs hot a 2.6ghz or higher, and that it cannot run passed 2.4 w/o adjusting the CPU voltage.

Since my CPU is still relatively cool, I wanted to up the voltage so it can run passed 2.6. But on my BIOS, there isn't an option or i can't access an option to adjust CPU voltage.

Is there another way to adjust the CPU voltage values?
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  1. Under your mobo's manual and/or website you can acquire the manual. All possible settings are listed there. Or you can use the best thing, google. Search Biostar TForce4 cpu voltage
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