eplacing Intel D975XBX with Intel D975XBX2 - raid question

I am replacing a D975XBX with a D975XBX2, anybody done this?

I am concerned about my raid setup since Intel changed controllers from a Silicon Image to a Marvell.
I have a raid-0 on the Intel Matrix, which I wouldn't think would be an issuing.
The Silicon Image has a 3 disk raid-5. Any chance of this working as is on the Marvell.

Also, for you folks that change mobos often, do you just stay away from raid?
I could see myself moving to a x38 or x48 later on which may or may not be an Intel board and I don't want to keep worrying about this.

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  1. Well, I found out.
    The raid will not transfer over.
    I need purchase he d975xbx2, but the board was bad.
    This made me reconsider doing the mobo change. The d975xbx2 has several "little" things that make it nicer than d975xbx, but I think I will hold out for x38 and x48 while I reconsider my raid strategy to help with upgrades in the future.
  2. Check THG archives. They did some tests upgrading from ICH7R to 8R to 9R to see if the arrays could be plug-n-play. They weren't entirely, but were pretty close. If you're going to stick with Intel chipsets, use the matrix raid controller for your RAID-5 array, and the other controller for things like your RAID-0.
  3. Its the same in every way

    all they added to BX2 is the DDR2-800 native support

    i have a BX2 and BX board and there is no differance in setup for RAID even with Marvell and u can disable it in BIOS and avoid it totaly

  4. I have a similar question. I have an xbx2 and am going to setup a raid 1 with 2 1TB drives. My question is, as far as scalability is concerned, can I in the future if I need more drive space, add another raid 1 with 2 more 1TB drives and then raid 10 it together without losing any data? Please tell me I dont have to have 4 blank drives to create this array. Also, is there a way to backup the raid info (hardware raid) in case of a system board failure? Or do you even need to worry about it if you are replacing the board with the same one (will it see there was an array and adopt it)? Thanks is advance!
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