Problem with X1950 Pro - help appreciated!

I've just a new computer (Core2Duo E6550, 600W PSU, 2GB RAM 667Mhz and a Raedon X1950 Pro 512MB Card) I installed windows and everything, tried testing the card out on Rome Total War, the moment it loaded the map it crashed with some ati2dvag infitinte loop error blue screen. I tried tons of stuff to fix it but to no avail. Then got speedfan and saw it runs at 43-51C when just in windows, then around 50-60 when loading rome then the moment it loads the map to play it jumps over 80C and my computer crashes or resets. Any ideas?

It runs fine on windows but the moment I tried to load anything that uses higher graphics it crashes or resets!

Could it be the power? Or what?
MY PSU is 600W with the outputs as:
+12V1 - 18A MAX,
+12V2 - 18A MAX,
+5V - 30A MAX,
+3.3V - 35A MAX,
-12V - 0.5A MAX,
+5V/SA - 3.0A MAX.
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More about problem x1950 appreciated
  1. Your specs is ok.

    Do other games crash like that?

    What security software is installed?

    What auto-start programs are loaded?

    Go to the publisher's site for game updates.
  2. I got all the updates for the game (up to 1.5) I haven't tryed any other games, but tried google earth and after a bit it crashed on me too. There is no security software installed as i literally but put windows, updates, patches etc and then rome on.
    Auto start - none! I tryed formatting and trying again with a clean install and still the same problem.
    I also tryed using older and newer updates of everything from graphics card to game to motherboard but still same thing!
  3. Dude...I think your temps are too high. I would check to make sure the fan is running on that card. Also might want to check to make sure you have good airflow in that case.
  4. im sure there was a post somewhere here about the infinite loop issue. need to find it....

    edit: cant find it.... have you tried different driver versions? I suggest you have a shot at 7.4 (make sure you get rid of the driver u have now, and use driver cleaner pro in safe mode to get rid of any remaining ati files)
  5. yeah i've tried driver 7.4

    And i've opened the case and put a desk fan onto it, doesn't affect the temperatures much. Atitool won't work for temps, is there another program i can record temps on just to make sure? Speed fan says 0 speed on all the fan's. But i can see them turning fast.
  6. (7.4 on a clean install)
  7. Sorry I thought the temps were video's. Yep way too high.

    What's your city's temp? If it's high, then your cpu temp will be high.

    Anyway, I'd reseat the cpu cooler. Does it have 4 push-pins? Make sure the inside are pushed all the way so that there's little to no gap in between. Another way to make sure is to remove the mobo & look at the black pin & white clips. They should be at about the same height.

    Look at this picture:

    The push-pins are half way. They must go all the way down.
  8. I removed the card and managed to run games with the onboard graphics fine. So its gotta be the card. Gonna send it back since i can't see any problem with it physically that i can fix!
  9. yeah get a replacement.

    You can use riva tuner to monitor the temp or even ati tray tool.
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