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Hey folks, first time posting here after scrounging forums everywhere and not finding an answer to my problem.

I'm running a Q6600 G0 on an ASUS P5E x38 DDR2 mainboard. I have the CPU up to 3200MHz, with all cores running stable at 55 degrees with Prime95 running on each core, and at 30 degrees when idle.

However, I'm a bit concerned about the "CPU Temp" value shown in speedfan and the ASUS monitoring software. While running these tests, after a fresh reboot, the CPU temp is usually right around that of the cores. However, after being idle for some time, I'll check the temperatures and the cores will be at their nice and cool 30C idle temp, but the CPU temp will read in the mid 80s! It never gets this high while I monitor it running Prime95.

I read the temperature guide, but apparently I'm too dense to understand it.

What's happening, and is this normal?


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  1. I believe this to be an issue with the X38 chipset. I had a very similar experience with Everest reporting my "CPU" sensor at 99c during Prime once. I believe it to be a visual bug. I stopped the test and even after the cores cooled to idle, the CPU sensor still showed upwards of 80c, which makes no sense at all. I wouldn't be too worried about it, it can't be accurate. If my Tcase would have hit 99c, it would have shut down long ago.
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