Cannot boot from CD

I cannot boot from xp cd,
message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" coming. I wanted to repair with XP cd because my computer is not working in the safe mode also. It stucks while processing MUP.SYS.

Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Hi

    My problem solved. I switched off the main power to my PC and I made ON after some time then it is working fine now. Before it was not working in any mode.

    Thank u very much for ur support.
  2. Did you try another win xp cd? (not the copy of the same)
  3. I had an xp machine start failing to boot up and learned of what is a common problem called the mup.sys hang, which is what I was experiencing. To fix it, I tried to boot from an xp3 CD so I could check drives, etc. to fix the problem. But it will not boot up from the CD either, as it hangs on 'starting windows' after it loads all the various drivers off the CD. My conclusion is I must have a hardware problem since I cannot boot using windows xp from either source, and both hang in the process of trying (I suppose, for the same reason). Is this a reasonable conclusion?

    I have swapped out the power supply already, as many report that the mup.sys hang can be caused by a failing power supply. I did so and the machine booted and worked fine for a day; then the problem returned. Surely I can't have two bad power supplies fail in the same machine in so short of time, could I? Could my mobo be affecting the power supplies to make them fail? I don't think so, since all they do is supply power up to a certain current and voltage, and the mobo should not be able to screw them up, no matter how screwy it is, right? BTW, it's an old PM800-m2 (by ECS).
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