9800GTX -- November 16th?

According to this article, Nvidia will probably be launching a new GPU during the launch of Crysis!


"During his speech, Nvidia senior vice president Dan Vivoli let slip that Nvidia intended to launch new hardware to coincide with Crysis launch. Vivoli didn't elaborate, but the rumor mill has been predicting that Nvidia would ship a new top-end GPU right before the holiday shopping season, just as they did with the GeForce 8800 last year."

What do I think? Meh, the senior vice president of Nvidia is probably talking about the 8800GT lol :sarcastic: But this could be the launch of the 9800GTX~! Either way, it was an interesting read... They (maximum pc) are quite negative about the graphics of Crysis, but probably only because they were playing a boring level (if they had been playing on the tropical coastal levels they'd probably have swooned over it instead).
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  1. Given I trust Maximum PC a lot, I mean I'm subscribed to them after all, I think this article is much more credible than anything else we've seen or heard.
  2. 4 days after my step up =/
  3. I'd call eVGA and ask them that even though it's 4 Days after your step up program expires, that since you're looking to spend, and I heavily emphasis you saying, "a lot of money towards eVGA products" (that will entice them) that you want to use the step up program, you never know what they might say. Given a new product is coming out and your step up is so close to its launch, i think they'd be willing to let you use it. Maybe not though, but calling and asking really wouldn't hurt would it...
  4. i still think the new cards in this year will be 8700GT and 8800GT and 9xxx will be for next year
  5. I don't see all the hype in the 8800GT. If the HD2900 Pro is really good and performs better than the GTS, than what good is the GT? I see it helping to fill in that gap between 320 GTS and 8600GT products. But other than that, i don't see it really offering much benefit, as other cards, be it the HD2900 Pro or 320MB 8800GTS, could perform much better as really decent prices.
  6. Eh I wont have enough money by then, how much will they cost anyway?

  7. The HD 2900 Pro stock is limited, remember that. I think it's obvious to nvidia that this is the perfect season to release the 8800GT, with all the good games coming up, with aggressive pricing it could become a small gold mine for them.
  8. Meh.

    Whatever, as long as they release the 8700 series, by the time I decide to upgrade my HTPC. Who know's, maybe I'll try playing a game on my TV. Actually, I did try once with FarCry, but that game is not compatible with a wireless mouse.

    As I said, Meh.
  9. I've been sticking by the idea of a new high end. After all, In the transcript where the inquirer "bent" the info to their will...Nvidia did state they have a rhythm and don't want to deviate from it. In the past 2 years during november they've released high end cards...So I'm expecting another one this year...we'll have to wait and see though. (Not saying inquirer is credible..I've read the actual transcript where they based their info off...Funny how much the inquirer twisted the info..)
  10. I heard the new card xxxxGT was going to replace the GTS and the 320MB was EOL.
  11. The real truth is no body really knows what is being released...Nvidia has not confirmed a word of what anyone has said. The articles up on the net are just based off the rumors that have been flowing around. Also keep in mind nvidia has been really secretive in the past about their upcoming chips. We should have word from nvidia some time this month if they plan not to "deviate from our ryythm" as they so said....They unveiled the 8800 GTX in October of last year...Released it in November. I believe will have the same occurrence here with the 9800.

    Time will tell...but put my money on a new high end and midrange solution...Afterall...a 8800 GTX really can't handle crysis well at all with high settings...It's about time Nvidia released a new high end...as they have always released new high ends in November the last couple of years..I don't see any reason for this year to be different...
  12. This is still all rumor. This thread is based on this statement:
    "During his speech, Nvidia"s senior vice president Dan Vivoli let slip that Nvidia intended to launch new hardware to coincide with Crysis launch."”
    Vivoli didn"t elaborate, but the rumor mill has been predicting that Nvidia would ship a new top-end GPU right before the holiday shopping season, just as they did with the GeForce 8800 last year.
    So this is the basis for a Nov 16 high-end launch?
    What happened to the 8800GT 256/512mb on Oct 29?
    My 2 cents: this looks more credible (to me anyway)
    8800 GTS (320/640MB): 90nm G80 with 96 scalar processors enabled.
    8800 GTX/Ultra 768MB: 90nm G80 with 128 scalar processors enabled.

    8800 GT (256/512MB): new 65nm G92 GPU with x scalar processors enabled.
    8800 GTS (320/640MB) -presumably old stocks-: same as before.
    "new" 8800 GTS 640MB: same as before, but with 112 scalar processors enabled on the same 90nm G80.

  13. I'm pretty sure that Nvidia confirmed G92 would be an 8700. And that was like a month ago.
  14. I'm starting to look back on trends in video cards and I notice something here, High End parts are once a year, while the in-between cards are released almost every three months. With that said, I think, possibly, and this is based off of absolutely nothing that hasn't already been presented to us; that we'll recieve the GT and a new GT variant, not a "new" GTS, but like a GTSII or something, much in the same way we had an ATI GT, GTO, and GTO2.

    But whatever the case, we CAN expect new parts in the end of this year, it's the X-Mas season, companies want money, and you get money with new products. It's simple business and logic here people...we'll get something, but we just don't know what. ;)
  15. g92 is the 8800gt. Thats basically completly confirmed.

    9800gtx, doubt it exists, not if they're adding a new card to the 8*** line.

    8900gtx on 65nm or something, that would be cool.
  16. I would be really surprised if there was not an 8800GTX replacement this Nov.

    Don't care what you call it, but there will be something that is faster than the 8800GTX without using more power.

    (Example - An Ultra 8800GTX Ultra would not count :>)
  17. Yum. I also think a 65nm 8900 series would be a nice refresh although its just wishful thinking. A 65nm 8700 series with a 256-bit bus would be very welcome as well in the $200 +/- range.

  18. Well theres meant to be the high end dual card next year, aside from that according to all the rumours ATI wont have anything out that competes with the GTX until their own dual card comes out next year.

    Prices will liekly drop a bit though due to the 8800gts getting closer performance and ATI's card coming close but not costing as much.

    But im really really hoping a 65nm part is released this year.. a 65nm WC'd GTX purchased just weeks after ti comes out, that would be some serious 3dmaro06 points!! 1ghz core anyone? hehe
  19. You guys have to understand that Nvidia has never spoken once about the 9 series cards at all. From the jump they stated that the G92/G98 gpu's will be part of the 8xxx series but on a 65nm board. No one from the Nvidia camp have hinted of anything that even looks to be the new 9xxx series let alone close to production. I'm sure we all read all the teraflop stories that curculated around misleading us to think the G92 was the covert name for the new 9xxxx series sporting 1GB of DDR4 memory and so forth. But now that they have revieled that the 8600GT is the G92, time to let the 9xxxx dreams die for now until we get some "real" news. And there may still be some hope. ATI right now is releasing it's Radeon HD 2950PRO DX10.1 cards mid Nov to early December. I'm sure Nvidia is developing the 9series as we speak but will it come out in time this year to combat the Radeon HD 2950PRO? Only time will tell. I based my assumptions on facts and there has not been any facts leading to the 9series coming out anytime soon. And this story is just another story to get us all pumped but remember the 8600GT is considered a high end GPU and don't ya think it's close release to Crysis is on purpose and maybe this high end gpu card is the card they wanted to bring out around the game's release? Right now the only plausable release of any kind will be a high end 8800GTX on a 65nm board which will make the card cheaper and affordable and a PERFECT card to compliment the release of Crysis.
  20. (erased double post)
  21. Well, why on earth are we all supposed to get excited about a mid-range card?!?
  22. maybe because not everyone can afford $500 8800GTX cards and a mid-range card like a single slot 8600GT will hit a very large market of players who arent willing to spend that kinda money. Think back to last year when the only options there were was the 7800GTX/GT and the 7900 series came out at more affordable prices with great performance. It's the same as this year.
  23. ShortRef said:
    4 days after my step up =/

    I'll say it again the eVGA step is marketing hype. You're better off ebaying the card and moving on.
  24. I don think they will make the 9 series this early. If they did do that then they would have to make a whole new series of low end, mid range and high end cards and they are not going to do that. Think about it. Its most likely going to be a 8XXX card(s).
  25. Well, when they came out with the 8800Card, they only had a high end.

    As soon as they are able to make a GPU using a smaller process, they will crank it out. It will save them money on each GPU made. The resulting card will likely depend on what type of results they get with that chip. If it can beat the 8800GTX to start it will be high end. Otherwise, it will be mid-range.

    It's been a couple years since NVIDIA has really produced a new Top end card. Just OCing the 8800GTX more does not really count. I would hope they have been making progress overr these last couple years.
  26. It wasnt too long ago the 8600's and lower cards were launched. Not to mention they still havent came out with any highend notebook GPU.
  27. wingsofzion: May I ask where you have seen the confirmation of nvidia stating so?....Everyone article out there that speaks regarding the upcoming cards from nvidia have always sported a "Nvidia did not comment on this article" tag.

    We all know the inquirer was full of bogus information. I've been able to actually read some of the transcript from where they attained the information. It was during the 35th JPMorgan conference where nvidia spoke regarding their future technologies. This is where the inquirer got their info. Nvidia stated they have built a rhythm on how they release there graphics cards and don't plan to deviate...They also stated they always refresh their high end at years end...Following with a mid range a few months after during q1/q2...A refresh for their roadmap will also be in the works as they spoke regarding that too.

    Where did the inquirer get the information?...The version of the transcript I've read wasn't complete though as I don't feel like purchasing it..If you wish to you can for 54 dollars (Link at end of post)...The version I read was also censored in terms of code names and what not..So I can't tell for certain if the codename is indeed in fact g92 which the inquirer stated. Regarding the 1 teraflop comment...That was during the GPGPU computing segment which is named Tesla under Nvidia. Where Nvidia stated that GPGPU has a lot of promise considering they are near reaching a teraflop of performance.

    Looking at the entire picture..The inquirer just based their information off the fact that nvidia stated they always refresh their high ends at the end of the year and not plan to deviate...That along with the 1 tflop comment from the tesla discussion. Regarding the codename...Have no idea since the transcript I saw was censored...

    Nvidia have been secretive in the past about their releases...Regarding the rumor about 2 gpu's in the works?...I believe that though..I'm putting my money on a new high end gpu..Whether it be a 8900/8950 variant or a 9800 GTX...As well as a new mid range since nvidia's 150-250 range is really lacking...Which is also where the real money to be made lies.

    If you want to actually purchase the transcript..you can nab it here...


    I was able to view a large portion of the transcript with the search this document function. Just type in a word that you believe would end up being in the transcript...such as "spring" since they talk about their time schedule...It will show a small segment....Once it shows the small result..Take a word from the end or beginning of the sentence that isn't highlighted and type that in as well. You can keep grabbing more of the transcript by doing this..Their search function reveals all portions that have those words within a close vicinity....So you can get a LARGE portion of the censored transcript this way..DON'T try to just use an exact sentence in the transcript..it'll just end up with an error...Keep in mind though that using this feature can't be repeated often it seems unless you start the process overagain. A few times I saved the text search I ran and copy pasted it later on..Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Now it's not working at all for me unless I start the process from scratch over again..

    Enjoy if you want to check it out....But keep in mind you can't quote anything from it....
  28. The Ultra cards were relitively stull new. To release a new 9 series at this point in the game is way too soon. Relfect back to last year, remember the gap between the 7900GTX (then the more upgraded version of the 7800GTX) and the 8 series? It was a few 6 months apart. To release a 9xxx series now which to overshadow the 8800 Ultra is a bad business move. Cause who will buy a Ultra when they can buy the 9 series not simply for performance but for the mere fact that it's a newer card. They are just now getting around to fully supporting the mid-range market. I honestly dont think we'll see the 9 series till around winter or spring. I can only see a more updated 8xxx series card being released with the new Dx10.1 build.
  29. I doubt they will relase a 9800 card. They might relase a speed bump, or glue 2 GPU's on one board or attach two boards together like the 7950 GX2.

    Too bad though, i am not putting any green on the 8xxx series of cards, i am waiting for the newer generation.
  30. I agree artmic...the 7800 GTX was released around june 2005 if I remember correctly. With the 512 mb version released in november 2005. The 8800 GTX was released in november 2006 and has since remained at the top. It was also stated that Nvidia had, and wanted to stay with a new adopted yearly release pattern. Plus considering what they stated refreshing the high end always at years end in the JPMorgan conference...leads me to believe we will have a new high end. That might not be a 9800 GTX....It could be a a g80 variant such as a 8900 or 8950 model. I really don't believe there will be two low end models. It just doesn't make sense to introduce a mid range and a low end. The 8600 GTS and superclocked variants of them aren't as bad as they once were. The superclocked versions are expensive though and not worth it since you can get a x1900XT for the same price...But if they do release a new mid range it should drop the price of the 8600 GTS to make it a much more worthy buy. As a result dropping the prices of the 8400 as well. There is absolutely no need for a low end card as that slot has plenty with the 8400 gt and ati 2400...so the only two realistic and beneficial areas to release new cards would be the mid range and high end...I could very much see a new 8800 GT with a new 8900/8950/9800 model. Doing this would drop the price of the current models to even more desirable price ranges for consumers..as well as satisfying the enthusiasts with a meatier card...

    We'll just have to wait and see though......The main thing is I haven't seen any word from nvidia revealing what they will be releasing...Unless I've missed this confirmation and someone could post a link I'd be grateful..ATM I've only seen articles around the net with no real confirmation from Nvidia...I do believe we'll have a new midrange though..that's for sure...But hopefully a refresh of the new high end as well...time will tell..
  31. 9800GTX will exist eventually, once they run out of numbers on 8xxx they will need to move up to the 9xxx's, then 10xxx's.
  32. People who keep mentioning taht releasing newer faster GPUs/CPUs as a bad business move really does not understand the "business" end of things.

    The "newer/faster" processors are generally made on a smaller die and hence cost less per unit to manufacture. This means that if the will make more money off each unit they sell at the same price.

    Also, but pushing a new higher performance barrier, they will make sales to both new and existing customers, not simply the ones who have not upgraded yet.

    This also will cut into the sales of their competitor and limit the revenue which limits their research capability which reduces their long-term threat.

    I don't know what NDVIDA/ATI have up their sleeve.
    But if they CAN make a chip that is faster and cheaper to produce, they are only shooting themelf in the foot to refuse to release it.

    Here is to hoping they can produce it.
  33. The really sad part about this is that ATI was purchased by AMD, and i really thought AMD's knowledge in the CPU biz would help ATI in producing amazing GPU's, i dont' see any of this joinging together benefiting anyone, least of all us the consumers.... damn it lol

    Competition is good, i hope AMD/ATI clean up their act and get busy so that Intel/nVidia don't sit on their asses for too long... we need new products.
  34. If RV760 turns out to be good, AMD have my confidence again. Remember that taking over a company causes mayhem with staff organisation (aka "restructuring") and this will slow them down, but it has taken longer than it should to pick up the pace again.
  35. 8900GTX OR 8950GTX maybe..
  36. bydesign said:
    I'll say it again the eVGA step is marketing hype. You're better off ebaying the card and moving on.

    Are you saying that EVGA has no step-up program and their just lieing to us all?
  37. The step up program exists, but its just a way to get more of your money. I don't know why people make such big deal about it. you can only use it once and you can only upgrade. its great marketing though.
  38. the step-up program is amazing...It also does indeed work if you use it properly. most people don't bother to register their components and just skip the process. If so then yea..it won't work very well...But it's a simple process that has many benefits..

    Although imo...I think XFX's program is better. Double life time warranty..The warranty isn't the most grand part though. It's the fact that the warranty can be transferred to another individual if they buy it off you. Much better then the step up program in terms of long term use. Let's say I nab an XFX 8800 GTX...Pop the sucker on ebay used for 100-150 less then retail. I also make sure to advertise that it's an XFX with a life time warranty..for a used card it's a damn great deal...Sell the sucker...Take some extra cash ontop and purchase a new high end.....Yes you end up paying more then the difference of what you paid for the 8800 and their new high end via the EVGA program......But you have a much longer grace period using this method with XFX...You can pretty much buy a new high end every time it comes out for around 2-300....fantastic deal.
  39. For some reason, I am not that much excited about a new high end GPU even though it's always nice. In the state of the market right now I'd appreciate more solid choice bellow the high end. The 8600 GTS is ok now cause its price has dropped but I fell that a couple of extra choices in that catergory would be nice. I think there is a lot of money to be made in the what I would call ''Mid High End'' catergory. I feel there is a lot of gamers that would appreciate a decent gaming card that would be able to play well at most common resolutions. All of this without the need to spend a huge chunk of money. Honestly, the last year wasn't a good one as far as purchasing a GPU outside the high end range. I think a lot of people went for last generation card such as the 1950 pro 1950xt 7900 GS and such and it's very indicative of something...
  40. Making a 9xxx card would mean that its a whole new series/line of cards. 99xx, 98xx, 96xx and the others. They arent going to do that yet. And I wonder if they will go to 10000 after the 9 series. That would look kinda weird
  41. There are no 9series. G92 maybe the core name but tis still the 8series and will be I expect for atleast 6months to a year.

    8900gtx is most likely..
  42. justinmcg67 said:
    Given I trust Maximum PC a lot, I mean I'm subscribed to them after all, I think this article is much more credible than anything else we've seen or heard.

    I used to subscribe years ago and got tired of Kick ass and bunghollio marks for their ratings...., then I matured and moved on to CPU magazine, much more in depth and to the point. More content and cheaper I think as well.

    New hardware could be anything from a replacement for the 8800 top series to a dedicated physics card for that 3rd slot you've been wanting to fill. Who knows...

    If its really a "9800", bad name, I would probably get rid of my GTX's and get one of those instead.
  43. 3rd slot will be used for tri SLI. Congrats, if you buy another GTX which it looks like you could afford, you can run tri sli!!
  44. Artmic said:
    The really sad part about this is that ATI was purchased by AMD, and i really thought AMD's knowledge in the CPU biz would help ATI in producing amazing GPU's, i dont' see any of this joinging together benefiting anyone, least of all us the consumers.... damn it lol

    Competition is good, i hope AMD/ATI clean up their act and get busy so that Intel/nVidia don't sit on their asses for too long... we need new products.

    I was really hoping to see some dual/quad core graphics chips from this. Crossfire on a single PCI board type stuff. Would help a lot for compatibility issues and wouldnt need the insane clock speeds, GDDR4 memory, huge power requirements and extra slot covering HSF's
  45. Hatman said:
    3rd slot will be used for tri SLI. Congrats, if you buy another GTX which it looks like you could afford, you can run tri sli!!

    Another thing that proves that they are not releasing a new series of cards this year, They are simply not going to code from the ground up new Tri-SLI drivers for the GTX and Ultra just to have them replaced within a month or so by newer cards, if they were to release a new line up they would most likely disregard the GF8 series and move on to code Tri-SLI drivers only for "GF9 series". The bottom line is they simply won't be able to make even MORE profit from the 8800GTX if they release a new line.
  46. The problem with the EVGA is two-fold.

    1) It only covers a short period of time.

    2) The real kicker, is that the new card must be bought from EVGA directly. Their prices tend to be much higher than if you bought the card from a reseller such as NewEgg. As a result, the Step-Up program does not really gain you much from selling your old card and buying a new one from NewEgg.
  47. Well interesting read guys, thanks for the opinions.

    After reading the many comments here, I now believe it probably won't be a 9800GTX or GTS..... But certainly it would make (as one guy said here-) "perfect" sense to release a 8900GTX\GTS or 8950 using the 65nm process.
    It would cost less to make, thus great profit would exist with this card, yet the tri SLI for the 8800 series would not go to waste. An 8900 or 8950 should out-perform any 8800 card, but not by a great distance. It is primarily built to make Nvidia more $$$.

    I highly doubt NVIDIA won't have something better then the 8800 ULTRA amidst the Crysis\UT3 launch, and holiday season... There is just way too much money to be made this year, with many people looking to buy new and upgrade for the first time in years (people like me who are still on AGP systems, with some awful 3200xp chip lol).

    We'll probably see the 8950 GTX. That's great n all..... though I can't afford one. However, it should at least keep other prices lower and in check =D

    We should know more by the end of this month.
  48. Hatman said:
    There are no 9series. G92 maybe the core name but tis still the 8series and will be I expect for atleast 6months to a year.

    8900gtx is most likely..

    The 89xx series is what I'm holding out for and I hope they appear before 6 months as a year might be too long. I currently have an EVGA 7900GT Superclock and got it because of the improvements nVidia made going from the 78xx series to the 79xx series, i.e.; less power, less heat, driver support. I am holding off getting a new card hoping nVidia does in fact release a 89xx series. If the improvements moving from 88xx to the 89xx are anything like moving from the 78xx to 79xx, the new cards will truly kick-a$s. But the longer nVidia waits to put out a 89xx series the more attractive the ATI 2900's are looking.
  49. i think something like 7800 to 7900 series will happen to 8800 series ,
    7800GTX~ 7900GT
    7800GTX 512 ~ 7900GTX 512

    i mean we wont see a revolution like 7900 to 8800 , i think we will see some midrange cards , then some better cards like Maybe 8900 or 8850 or 8950 ,that may perform like 8800GTX or better (but not much better ). I DONT think nvidia will move from 8800 to 9800 very soon
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