Help With My Overclock :(

Hi All, Im in need of some help with my overclock. system spec is as follows (MESH PC Not Custom Build) Also New to this :)

Intel Core2 Duo E6420 1066Mhz FSB (2.13Ghz Conroe)
Vista Home Premium 32Bit
Midi Atx Case 550W PSU
Asus P5N Sli Nforce 650i SLI (BIOS Rev 0601)
2X 1GB GEIL PC6400 800Mhz DDR2 Dual Channel Ultra Low Latency Kit
256MB Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT Graphics Card (PCI-E)

(AnyMore Infor Req Jus Ask)

I've had the system around 6months when i decided to start overclocking, first thing i did was buy the GEIL MEM and replace the elixir 533Mhz so i could up the FSB and have RAM in my Sys that could take it.

Next i downloaded some programs after doing some reading (CoreTemp, CPU-Z, and ORTHOS) afterwich i went into my comps bios and turned off Enhanced CI (CIE) And IntelSpeedStep, Then i Went into ADVANCED and JUMPERFREE CONTROL Where i adjusted AI TUNING to MANUAL.

Afterwhich I move into FREQUENCY CONTROL and change SYS ClOCK MODE too CPU PRESISION TWEAK and Changed FSB From 1066 to 1216 (2.43GHz) then moved into VOLTAGE CONTROL Set DRAM to 1.8v and VCORE to 1.20v and booted up :)

Run Orthos for around 9 hours, small FFT's and Blend Test (CPU & RAM) at same time no probs.

Back to BIOS Upped FSB to 1241Mhz (2.48Ghz) booted up run ORTHOS both tests again, around 8-9Hours again no probs.

Returned to BIOS Upped FSB to 1266Mhz (2.53GHZ) boots, run ORTHOS same tests for 9hours runs fine.

Another BIOS Tweak FSB to 1316Mhz (2.63Ghz) Didnt Boot, Upped Vcore one notch, didnt boot, upped vcore another notch(1.2250v booted :) run ORTHOS Same Tests for 10Hours! No Probs. (All Priority 9 btw)

Then Pushed FSB to 1366Mhz (2.73GHZ) Boots Up, Run ORTHOS same tests, Blend FAILS! 51Secs!!! I've Upped DRAM Volt to 1.9v 2.0v and 2.1v All FAIL!!

Running Small FFT's priority 9, After 1hr 15min no Fail at the above speed, but thats not very long.

Haven't Tried to UP Vcore as dont think it will work, pls correct if im wrong :) not sure wat to try to get running stable at that speed, maybe alter memory timings? im running 4 4 4 12 16 2T to 5 5 5 18 23 2T? or Up the Chipset Vol to 1.5v from 1.4v? or maybe a BIOS update?

thanks for reading this post, any suggestions would b most appreciated
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  1. Laxing the timings should help. Also remember to set your ram:fsb to 2. If you have any further questions, refer to the overclocking guide in the oveclocking section before posting.
  2. Argh you crazy fool vcore & vram = stabilty. Don't be scared of it, Intels handle 1.55vcore watch your temps mind, what cooler do you have? Raise your vcore a little everytime orthos fails. Also if your RAM is still at 800 check CPU-Z should be around 400+ if it's 500 your lucky but you may need to drop your ram to 667. Leave timing alone until you have it stable from lower ram setting 667. You might even get tighter timings with it at 667.

    I have a hunch you need to adjust your RAM setting around you current overclock give it a go first if it works :) if not try a bios update.
  3. thanks for the replys, i'll give it some more vcore and dram Volts 1st, not sure i can change the FSB:RAM mines at 1:1 at the mo, nothing in the BIOS will let me change as far as i can see. Is there anyother way of changing this?

  4. Hi All, been playin around again, currently at 2.53Ghz FSB at 1266mhz (316Mhz QDR) multiplier is 8, memory clocked at 365mhz (730Mhz DDR) mem ratio at 13:15 <-- That a normal ratio? The FSB and RAM is no longer linked. Hope this makes sense to all, gonna run ORTHOS now, Small FFT's and BLEND Priority 9 for couple hours b4 i go to work :)

    Current Vcore is 1.2250v
    DRAM 2.1v
    Memory Timings 4 4 4 12 16 2T
  5. Yeah that all looks ready for more out of the CPU, now your RAM is finallly lowered. When you do a vcore reading have cpu-z or the like to see if your cpu draws more voltage. Because you are going to need to increase Vcore slightly everynow and again from 2.6Ghz. I've been talking to another fella with GEIL RAM and he saying it's perfectly stable at 900DDR and quite abit above.
  6. Hey only jus got in from work, run ORTHOS for an hour this afternoon no probs, Im up too 2.58GHz now gonna run a long 8hour stress test now find out if its really ok.

    One thing though if i try and put up the memory too 735Mhz+ the comp simply wont boot! reverts back to 533Mhz and i have to go back into the BIOS lower it back too 730Mhz then it boots up again? would more vcore solve this prob? or does that jus stabalise the CPU? Could this b a motherboard constraint? think i've read the P5NSLI650i dosent like going beyond 350Mhz (700DDR)

    Yeh I've noted some people can overclock there GEIL think one bloke managed 1156DDR or something ridiculous! lucky sod ;)
  7. Your Geil ram takes up to 2.3volts. So increase it to 2.2 and you should be fine. That's vram/vdram nor vcore.

    If your mobo doesn't like going past 700DDR try raising the NB voltage a tad.
  8. Hey, didnt expect a reply so soon :) i actually cant set the voltage on the RAM any higher, BIOS only lets me hit 2.1v will try and set the NB to 1.5v from 1.4 and see wat happens.
  9. Hey all. a lil drunk, but i cant seem to get 2.68Ghz stable, jus upped vcore to 1.25v
  10. Hmm, maybe you should get a liquid beer cooling system.
  11. bildo123 said:
    Hmm, maybe you should get a liquid beer cooling system.

    hehe sounds like an idea mind it'll be case of one for me one for the PC ;).
  12. as much as that, i'd say 3 for me 1 for the PC ;) mind u a lil drunk again lol and jus lost a small fortune playing cards :( any1 wanna lend me a ton ;)

    think my RAMS the issue with the comp, jus run 2.66Ghz Small FFTs nearly 9Hrs, then tried Large FFTs stress some RAM failed in 5mins?!!?!!

    Any1 think My RAMS the prob?
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