my old laptop cpu temp problem

i have 6years old laptop i use it like 2hours a month cus i got new computer.
but right after i logged on the xp the temperature of the pentium 4 (1.6) is about 63C
is it supose to like that??
or is there a problem??
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  1. How are you measuring the temp of the CPU?
    What are the model numbers of the components in your system?
  2. try hovering out the intake on the fan you might be quite supprized how much muck there is and check that the fan is working. also Mondoman is right how are you measuring the temp of the CPU BIOS temp is best many windows based programs have problems with getting acurate readings from laptop mb chipsets.
  3. Sometimes the heatpipes lose conductivety because some of them tend to leak, and then the fan can not blow the heat away from the heatsink properly. Of course this is assuming your model has heatpipes, however a simple replacement of the heatsink and fan assembly was the fix for my overheating P4.
  4. i checked it in the bios
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