how do I clone HDD to raid?

I have a fresh xp install. I have 2 HDD not being used. I am going to set them up in striped raid/raid 0. My

questions are.

1. how do i clone my single HDD OS over to my raid 0.(prefer free) I will then unhook my origanal drive and leave it

for backup.

2. What file size should I use in the raid 0. Or just leave it on "optimal". whatever that means? The raid will be

holding the OS, games. maybe some pic/vids. stuff like that. I want whatever file size is going to give the best


thank you.
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  1. Is your Raid volume designated by hardware or Software? I use a Symantec Ghost boot disk and just do a disk to disk copy. You might be able to find an ISO file to make a floppy of boot CD on a P2P site or service.
  2. Don't waste your time on RAID. Unless your doing something that requires massive file size (like video editing)... there is no advatage.

    Better off turning one of the drives into the main drive and install all the programs on... the other use for everything else... then can still keep the third for back-up... can get an enclosure if you want and turn it into an external back up... or leave it in the case if there is still room.

    If you do that, can also remove the drive letter when your not using the back-up drive. Then assign it when you need to use it. That way still part of the system, but also safe from anyone else accessing it... as an option.
  3. I dont see how free speed is a waist. It will load games and such faster. I'm seriously not trying to be a jerk, but my question was "how do I clone my hdd" not "should I". Thanks for your input, but I am sure I want to do the raid. Just dont know how.
  4. 1) Back up or make an image file of your existing drive(c:\). Save it on DVD. Using norton ghost you can install the image file of your existing drive (c:\) to your RAID0.

    2) You can use partition Magic 8 to partition your drive for different use (e.g. c:\ for OS d:\ for data and other stuff). Or if you have more $ you can add another physical drive just for your drive d:\

    Raid0 will always run faster than single drive. It mask the latency of the drive....
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