my acer aspire 5741 has going coming up as a full screen image on the tv. can anyone help please?
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  1. Please explain what you mean in a different way; I have read that several times and still do not understand what the problem is.
  2. sorry. my laptop used to have a full screen image on the tv. but now it doesnt. i havent changed any settings.
  3. Perhaps you changed a setting on the TV?
  4. nope
  5. how would you normally go about making the screen larger on the tv?
  6. You either need to tell the TV to make it larger (zooming), or you use a different resolution which will allow the TV to use the full screen.
  7. yea i cant find does options on the tv
  8. Try finding it on your laptop. Right click your desktop, click on screen resolution. Then, select your TV from the display drop down menu and then adjust the resolution to the one native to the TV.
  9. i tried that but it didnt work:(
  10. that didnt give any new info. i will just keep trying
  11. 1080p keeps coming up. this only started when the image on the tv went small.
  12. i went into graphics options and panel fit and then selected scale full screen, but nothing has changed. also the sound is not coming from my tv. it is coming form my speakers
  13. i worked for almost 2 1/2 weeks trying to solve my issue with Ghost Recon Future Soldier no playing in full screen and it turns out i needed to adjust my TV to a different zoom to play it full screen... what a NIGHTmare THAT was to figure out.

    USUALLY if there is no solution, or NOONE is having a similar problem (as w/ me and GR-FS) it is a setting or something specifically related to you, your computer settings, or TV settings.

    hope this helps
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