List your best stable ATI 3850 256MB OC's

Could everyone please list their best STABLE OC with the 3850 256? With stock cooling please....

(Am planning on getting the 3850 just wanted to know how high can it go.)
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Clock Core 669 memory 829

    OCed Core 752 memory 852

    However I would like to point out that controlling the fan is a must for me at these speeds. For some reason my card simply refuses to up the fan speed on its own. Might be only mine might be everyones I don't know. Otherwise these speeds are highly unstable and my system simply shuts down. I don't know if I can go any higher with it but with how hot it gets I don't want to try it. I ran HL2 , CS:S , COD4 , Crysis , and bioshock all at these settings. 100% stable but again only if I turned up the fan.
  3. Turned up the fan with what? RivaTuner?
  4. Hello,

    The best OC (stable) result i can get was
    Core 750 memory 2108
    It gets really hot during load. 96C and 47C when ideal
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