Just built new system, it all works on the first frickin' try!! :-)

I just built a new system and everything worked on the first frickin' try!!

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
Memory: 4 x 1GB Corsair DDR2-800
Motherboard: ASUS P5K-C
P/S: Enermax 485W
Video: Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 XT, 256MB GDDR3
Sound: Creative X-Fi Extreme
HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA2
DVD±RW: Pioneer 18x
Monitor: Samsung 19" Widescreen
OS: Vista Home Premium

I know that there are better parts than what I have out there, for every component, but I'm just happy that it all worked on power-up. Memory all detected, CPU correctly detected, LEDs/buttons all worked, and the fact that it even turned on! This is my 8th system build and I'm always suprised when everything works.

Just felt like cheering a bit. :bounce:
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  1. I'll Cheer with you fella.
    I love it when a new build comes together with no problems whatsoever!
  2. congrats! somedays the sun just seems to shine a little brighter...

    but somedays you wake up with crap on your face.....haha.

    nothing like a troubless build....
  3. Most people forget that buying all "all star" components does not always make for the best system. Buying ones that play well together has always been more important IMO.

  4. I would have chosen a larger PSU but otherwise i think you did good.
  5. Nice! Nothing like it all going perfectly.

    My first build has rather hectic. I messed up the motherboard mounting, almost fried my entire system, had a corrupted Vista installation, had tons of difficulty applying AS5, found one of the cables to the front headphone jack to be not long enough, and the extreme hell of getting the front off the Rosewill case!
  6. CONGRATS!!!

    My first build SUCKED!!! Computer would not boot and I smelt something funny. I took it to the local PC shop and they told me it was the MOBO. I RMAed it to newegg, got another one and same problem. I went to a different PC shop they said mother board again. I RMAed that one and same problem. I took it to a third PC shop and they said motherboard.

    So at that point I really looked over everything myself. I saw the 2 parts of the CPU were solid black. Lucky me Newegg RMAed to CPU too. Got a new one and everything worked. I guess nextime I will make 100% sure the Heatsink/Fan is 100% on :)
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