AV cant find viruses

I'm getting very high CPU usage on my pc (spikes from 40% to80-90% constantly) and I usually have no background processes so I was told that it is a virus.

I tried malwarebytes and MS security essentials, and neither of them found a virus.

Idk if this should be on CPU forum or this anti-virus forum so I'll try both.

If anyone has any help/tips it would be appreciated.
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  1. The worst viruses are smart enough to hide themselves from, and sometimes even disable, your virus software.

    The easiest way to fix this is remove the hard drive, attach it to a USB hard drive adapter, then scan it from a known good PC to remove the virus.
  2. Use the task manager to look at your process list and find which process is using up all the CPU.
  3. Atiutility and AtiGPU
  4. I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling those. It may be a matter of just updating to the newest video drivers.
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