Absolute Noobie! Tell me if I have selected the right parts!

Hi everyone. I am an absolute noobie. I do not know much about computers but I have been doing a couple months of homework. I have always bought HP or Dell but I would like to try the custom route. This is a budget build and I am trying to keep it around $600; 700 max

here is the list. Please critics welcome!! You opinons are critical in determing whether I will fork out the money for the build. Thanks ahead of time!

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4600+ I picked this over Intel Core 2 cpus because it is about half the price of a E6400 I was looking at. The drop in performance is not a big issue for me since I am not looking for benchmarks. If anything, I am looking for reliability, stability of the CPU.

MOBO - Asus M2NPV - VM
I would love other suggestions but the PC store I am ordering from only carries Asus mobo. I can't use newegg as I am canadian(limited venders). So please ONLY Asus mobo suggestions $100-125

Honestly, I picked this because it had the most reviews on newegg that was under $100.
I figured the most reviewed = probably the most bought = probably the best mobo in that price range.

RAM - Kingston 1024MB DDR2 667MHZ. Because its on sale for $40 and I think it should work fine

HDD - Sata Western Digital 320GB

CASE - NZXT Apollo Classic. I went with a better case because I will most likely be upgrading everything later in the future except the case. All reviews point to the best bang for the buck on this case.

PSU - Thermaltake 500 Watts PurePower, Read a few articles on PSU and decided I should spend some money here instead of a generic one. Can I get away with using just a generic for my setup if I can? And how many watts do I need? Is 500 watts overkill for this system?

OPTICAL - HP 16x DVD writer. I plan to use my 4 year old burner with the 4 pin connection(i think). Is this compatible? Will it work just fine with the new stuff. Or do I need the new SATA connection? How much better is SATA?

VIDEO - ATI Radeon X800PRO AGP. I want to use my old graphics card to save money. It is a 2 year old card but it is AGP. Would this work? Or do I need to buy the new PCI express cards? Do all new mobo not have AGP slots anymore?

If not what are your suggestions for good vga for around $80-100

OS - Can't I just download a version of XP instead of paying $150 for Vista. Or is Vista worth the $150?
Again trying to save money here.

Is there any big issues with this setup that cause lowered performance or compatibility?
Is this well balanced enough of a system so there is no bottlenecks?
Is this a good setup for a budget build computer that can do most things....burning movies, watching movies, some coding, odd times I do play a game here and there. Can this play command and conquer 3 or quake 4..etc?

What do you guys think? I'm all ears!
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  1. What part of canada?
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. I would with your limited options would go for a prebuilt pc....I will message you if I find a online place that will ship to Saskatchewan.
  4. well i'm open to prebuilt too but with a prebuilt I would be buying the parts then getting a local pc place to put it together. I would still like to pick my own parts regardless
  5. man it sucks to be you
    here in california the land of the cheap I got A LOT of choices
    and i will try to help you out so just wait..
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