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Hello! I'm not sure where am i suppose to post this, so this is the closest category to my understanding...

I have a Camtasia Version 7 for recording my gameplay, online and offline game but everytime i check my recorded video, it always comes out choppy. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there has a setting solution to make my recorded gameplay smooth and high quality at the same time.

I'm trying to record Amnesia and FFXIV online in window mode. My games and Camtasia program are installed in Drive C. Camtasia video file are saved directly to Drive D with 2 TB, so i have no issues in there.

I also tested Fraps trial and the frame rate is smooth but compare to Camtasia the quality of the video is not as a good.

PC Specs:
Windows 7
Intel core i7 920
12 gigs of ram
GTX 670

It would be awesome if someone can guide me the right settings =)
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  1. That is likely because you are using low-no compression in your videos, which means that your hard drive must put out megabytes of data per second, which most hard drives are not capable of doing. To fix this, either export your video in a format such as H.264(if you are editing your footage), or you can simply change you encoding/compression settings in Camtasia by going to Tools->options->inputs->video settings and changing the compression to something like microsoft video 1. Keep in mind that the footage in still loosely compressed, I would recommend converting the video to H.264 if you plan on uploading to YouTube. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. I found a nice recording product called Mirillis Action, and gotta say it is the best i have tried. Now i'm using camtasia to convert the files to wmv or mov.
  3. Camtasia isn't made for recording games. It's made for recording desktop applications. Anyway, I'd use MSI afterburner for recording.
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