Uses of a Dual cpu opteron?

2 Questions? What can I use the following system for?

-2 x 16 core AMD Opteron CPUs
-Some type of an Opteron sli server motherboard
-dual OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 960GB RAID 0 SSDs (pci-express x4)
-2 RAID 0 SATA based Intel 520 480GB x 2 SSDs
-64 GB of ECC System RAM (8GB x 8 modules)
-3 x gtx 680 sli's
-some type of heavy duty 1000 WATT PSU,

Second question? How much would the above cost? Thanks!

Its just a general question coming from a computer science student.... Thanks!
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  1. With the right software, it could be an awesome 3D graphics workstation. Or you could run some distributed software such as Folding at Home and quickly get in the top 100 participants.

    No matter what you choose, it will at least heat up a small apartment ;)
  2. cool. Thanks for the suggestions Phil. I honestly think that setup I posted is a bit overpowered (and pricey!) for most computing applications. Unless I have a big Videowall with 3D output or 3 x 27" IPS monitors or something...
    I'm considering changing back to a design undergrad major actually since I find CS math and programming and other logic stuff too complicated for my mind to grasp. Plus, I notice all the graphic design majors get to play with the "big toys" like dual cpu Xeon's and what not... :-)

    Yeah, I'll keep in mind during the winter months about your last comment... :D
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