HELP! Need to find stuff on drive after re-partitioning it!

Okay, here is my problem.

I have just bought a new hard drive, partitioned it, and had some stuff copied to it.

I then deleted the partitions, and set some new ones up (was changing the size of the partitions). I havent put anything on the disk yet.

Then, i realise i want some of the stuff (new emails i just received using mozilla) that is on my new disk, prior to me changing the partitions.

Is there any way of checking what is on the new disk? I assume windows hasnt actually written over the stuff that i just put on there

All help much appreciated!
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  1. When you resize the partition it deletes what's on the drive. Doesn't matter how much was there or how big the partition was etc.

    The only option that you have is to find data recovery options. Usually that is not a cheap prospect. However, there are ads all over the place for software that might help... just search for data recovery on google or whatnot.

    However, unless someone knows something I don't... there really is no other option. Even if you can find software that would work... still going to have to pay for it... and possibly wait for delivery if not available locally.
  2. Found a free recovery program for ya... supposed to be really good.

    Give it a try.
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