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I am trying to set up my computer to be accessable anywhere. I have downloaded the DUC from no-ip and have created an account with them. I have the programing running on my desktop and it is updating my ip accordingly. I have also accessed my router and set port forwarding on port 80 to my local ip address 10.0.0.x as instructed on the website. I have verizon DSL and have accessed the modem setup and the firewall is off and set to allow all traffic. However I still cannot access my computer. I have also tried to test the ports and I get a response back that says the connection has timed out. What am I missing??
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  1. Windows firewall off?
    3rd party firewall running?
  2. On your route, you'll need to allow Wan Requests to even be able to see your router on the outside.
    Confirm the software has your correct public IP address.

    Double check to make sure all your ports are forwarding to the correct PC IP address and the correct ports are selected.

    Disable or change Windows Firewall.

    Your ISP may block as well.
  3. Thanks for the replys. I figured out part of the problem. My ISP was blocking port 80. I also didn't set up the incoming connection on my computer. Now I can see the port but I still can't get access. I had my dad try it from a hotel with windows 2000. He set up the VPN connection but it never worked. Not sure why. My router and modem are set to forward the proper port to my computer and that works but it still won't connect. Any thoughts?
  4. Try putting your computer in the DMZ (bypasses the NAT translation thus putting your computer outside the 'firewall') and see if it works.

    If that works, the problem exists at the port forwarding level. If that does not exist, the software is not configured correctly.
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