New Q6600 build - Pull the trigger.

Just got this puppy put together today...

Tuniq Tower
OCZ DDR 800 Rev2 Platinum (2 Gigs)
And my trusty old 7800GTX & OCZ MOD 520W & X-FI

Upgraded from an Athlon 3500+ Venice(which didn't overclock worth a dang)

Windows Vista loaded beautifully. Runnin' great. No probs whatsoever.

Overclocked to 3.0 GHZ with no voltage increase and runs 35 C idle and 50C load.
This thing is blowing me away. My Venice was kicking and screaming all the way from 2.2 to 2.5.
I'm definitely impressed with this quaddy.

So if you're on the fence about it, PULL THE TRIGGER!

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  1. very nice rig mate , and also nice OC , congrats
  2. I wondered if the SLA** specs numberings on many of the better chips meant slacker. *snicker*

    I would pull the trigger except I'm outta ammo.
  3. Yeah I thought SLACR was pretty ironic myself. It's definitely quite the opposite.

    The OCin' is not quite done yet... 3.0 is just my break-in configuration... I'm shooting for 3.6 this weekend.

    I really wish Nvidia(or AMD) would put out some new GFX cards though. I feel held back by the 7800GTX.
  4. What mobo you using?
  5. And the point of your thread is that a quad core made in 2007 is better than a single core made in 2002? Wow, I had no idea :sarcastic:

    Seriously now, you should have seen my face when I upgraded from Pentium 3 to Q6600. Your upgrade is spectacular but mine was even better :kaola: Things like MP3 compression are 15 times faster, for example...
  6. only 15 times ?! :d
  7. Well, it's good enough for me. I'm not that picky :)

    The interesting point here is that the hard disk acts as a bottleneck and the CPU only works at 60%. The most I've seen so far is 81% while compressing video. I should get a Raptor or try RAID, I guess, see if that allows it to reach 100%. Without these it's pointless to overclock the CPU because I'd still get the same performance, i.e. as much as the disks can support.
  8. aevm - that's a nice jump :) I'm waiting for the that upgraded from a 486dx to pop up.

    General - ACK! Can't believe I forgot the mobo. Gigabyte P35-ds3R revision 1.
    One note on this MOBO, you have to hit ctrl-F1 to access memory timings in the BIOS. That stumped me for a while.

    The New mobo layout also helped lower temps on my 7800GTX from 90C load to 70C load so I'll be doing the BIOS volt-mod today to see if I can get some better clocks out of it.
  9. yeah u r like me aevm , my E6600 is very well , i am very happy with it although i havent OC'd it and its 2.4 , its ULTRA fast , does everything very quick , its one of the first times i am really very happy with whole rig , :D :)
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